Carestream AA400 Industrex Film

Carestream AA400 Industrex Film

Great Image in Any Conditions

Industrex AA400 Film is extremely versatile, which makes it a great solution for many industrial applications. You can use it in multiple-film radiography and in single-film techniques – and with direct x-rays or with lead foil screens. It incorporates Carestream NDT's T-GRAIN Emulsion technology for superior sensitivity. A400 film offers incredibly robust handling characteristics, withstanding high temperatures and humidity, and eliminating static artifacts.



The Basics
AA400 Film is an ASTM E 1815 Class II and EN ISO 11699-1 Class 5 film that offers high speed, high contrast and gives you a fine-grain image. This film offers incredibly robust handling characteristics. It can withstand high temperatures and humidity, and it is resistant to static artifacts – so you get the image you need, whatever the conditions you’re working under.
Processing Options
AA400 Film can be processed manually or automatically in a range of processing cycles. Notice: Observe precautionary information on product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets. Develop with rack and tank, using properly replenished solutions.
Ideal For
Aircraft inspection, Aero-engines, Archeological artifacts, Assemblies, Castings, Concrete, Electrical components, Forensics, Forestry, Munitions, Bomb Disposal, Nuclear, Pipelines, Tires, Welded Fabrication.

Technical Specifications

AA400 Film Specifications

Exposure 220 kV Direct X-rays with lead screens
Processing Industrex Processor and Industrex Chemicals
Densitometry Diffuse Visual
Warranty 3 Years
Industrex Processors/Cycles Base + Fog Contrast
M43iC - 8 Min 79°F (26°C) 0.20 4.7
M43iC - 5 Min 86°F (30°C) 0.20 4.65

3 Year Warranty

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