Arrow DCA Area Monitors

Arrow DCA Area Monitors

Arrow DCA Area Monitors

The DCA Area Alarm Monitors measure radiation field intensities from x-ray or gamma radiation sources.

The internal detector will measure radiation in the immediate vicinity of the instrument, while the remote probe can be used to measure radiation up to 300ft. from the instrument, including exterior and underwater monitoring locations. The internal and optional external detectors are Geiger-Mueller tubes.


  • When the external detector is plugged into the readout, the internal detector is disabled.
  • The detectors are energy compensated to obtain good energy responses.
  • Four easily accessible calibration potentiometers are provided to accurately calibrate each instrument across their entire indicating range.
  • Easy to read, error proof scale
  • The optional external probe may be submerged up to 100 feet or remotely for up to 300 feet.
  • The alarm setting can be observed, even in a radiation field, by pressing the "check" button on the front panel.
  • The alarm "set" potentiometer is on the front panel.
  • Changes made in the "set" potentiometer can be observed using the "check" button.
  • An alarm speaker volume control is available on the front panel, for reducing the sound level in locations where it would be irritating or unwanted.
  • A red flashing light on the readout is also used to indicate an alarm condition.
  • All alarms are de-activated by pressing the alarm reset switch.
  • The accessories available for use with the area monitors include a remote readout and a door interlock kit.
  • In addition, repair kits are available for the external probes.
  • Small enough to sit on a shelf or optional wall mounting brackets are available


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    Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
    Area Monitor (0.1mR/hr to 2R/hr) RT-AR-3096-3 Request Pricing
    Area Monitor (0.001mSv/hr to 20 Sv/hr) RT-AR-3096-3-SV Request Pricing
    Area Monitor (1mR/hr to 100R/hr) RT-AR-3090-3 Request Pricing
    Area Monitor (0.01 mSv/hr to 1 Sv/hr) RT-AR-3090-3-SV Request Pricing