KYR-100 High Quality Surface Roughness Gauge

Keiyu NDT KYR-100 Roughness Tester

The small electronic surface roughness tester KYR100 is designed for quick and accurate measurements. The gauge is suitable for use on the production floor, as well as, for inspection departments and quality control.


KYPR100 uses a piezoelectric stylus and allows:

  • Roughness measurement by Ra and Rz method
  • Three cut-off length at choice

KYR100 is simply placed on the surface to be measured and micro stylus scans the surface within only a few seconds. Depending on the preset cut-off length, the value is immediately displayed in Ra or Rz

Ra and Rz
Rz= mean surface roughness

The mean surface roughness Rz, is the arithmetical mean of the highest single reading of several adjacent single measuring sections.

Ra= arithmetical average high

Ra is the generally acknowledged roughness parameter which is internationally used. This value is the arithmetical mean of the profile deviations from the mean value.

The numerical value is always smaller than the Rz value taken from the roughness profile.

KYR100 confirms to NIST calibration requirement, also DIN 4768 and ISO 4288.

Technical Data

Roughness range: Ra(ISO), Rz(DIN), Ra and Rz in one gauge
Measuring range: Ra: 0.05 … 15 um, Rz: 0.1 – 50 um
Cut-off length: It has 3 Cut-off lengths

  • 1 = 0.26mm
  • 2 = 0.8mm
  • 3= 2.6mm

    Selection of false cut-off length is indicated in the display. (It alarms if the scan is not the full length)
    Surface to be measured: Flat or convexe; in groove (min. width 30 mm, length 80 mm)
    Tolerance: 6% of reading
    Pick-up: Piezo-electric stylus with diamond tip, radius 10 um
    Tracing length: 6 mm
    Tracing speed: 1 mm/sec.
    Measuring unit: Um-mil select by user
    Operating temperature: 0? - 40?
    Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery with indication of battery condition mains
    Power charger: AC Plug with USB cable, 110/220, 50/60 Hz
    Instrument Housing: Aluminum
    Dimension/weight: 125 mm x 73 mm x 26 mm / 200 g

    Standard package:

    • Main gauge
    • Calibration standard
    • USB cable
    • AC adaptor
    • Hard impact ABS plastic case
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