JR Technology M50 Series Moisture Meter

JR Technology M50 Series Moisture Meter

Non-invasive, modular system designed for measuring moisture and degree of cure on multiple surfaces.


  • Non-invasive, modular moisture measurement system offers flexibility for the user to be able to use:
    • M-50P Probe via a PC / tablet with preparatory software, display or to feedback to a PLC
    • M50-PHP-P Hand-Held Display Module with 2 software options:
      • Radome GO / NO GO with variable sound level indicator
      • Numerical to 3 decimal places
  • Designed for accurate and easy measurement of moisture / degree of cure on any non-metallic / non-carbon / non-conductive material, structure or fabric.
  • Set unit for use on specific materials by entering the product density to give an accurate percentage value or as a comparator measuring the variation in moisture content over a component showing dry and damp spots.
  • Operates effectively on both flat and curved surfaces.
  • Designed as a superior alternative to the well establish A8-AF - ideal for a wide range of aerospace / aviation applications.

Key Features:

  • Modular Design - Universal probe can be used either as a handheld unit or as part of a process control system
  • Clear read-out with direct reading (no charts / tables required)
  • Designed to conform to IP67 (dust & moisture resistant)
  • Is effective on most non-conductive materials
  • Deep penetrating field, up to 40mm depth
  • Works on flat or curved surfaces
  • Data logging (with time / date stamp)

Theory of Operation

Utilizing an electric field, the M50 measures the dielectric constant of the material under test. As the dielectric constant of water is many times higher than materials which normally contain it, the measurement is a certain indication that true moisture is present. It displays the average amount of water detected within its field.


Cure Monitoring

Degree of cure polymerization of a resin effects the dielectric constant. Therefore, the M50 can also be used for cure monitoring within a process. With its relatively large probe, cure can be measured to greater depths than other units available on the market.

Aerospace Applications

  • Inspection of non-carbon / non-metallic flying surfaces
  • Radome inspection both before & after drying / repair
  • Inspection of aramid components of the containment ring on aircraft engines. The normally comprises of wound aramid fibers around the turbine housing with a protective film. Both in MRO & by operators.
General Industrial Applications

  • Inspection of wind turbine blades
  • Inspection for voids in polyurethane foam components for the offshore industry
  • On-line monitoring of curing of latex rubber for the manufacture of carpet & floor tiles
  • Monitoring of resin cure over time on non-carbon / non-metallic parts
    • Real-world example: Customer wanted to cap oil wells quickly with resin; the M50 was used to monitor the degree of cure.
  • Monitoring of reels of non-carbon fiber (aramid, glass or basalt) stored prior to pultrusion, filament winding, weaving, etc...
  • Monitoring of aramid fibers prior to manufacture of ballistic seats & products
  • Monitoring of condition of non-carbon / non-metallic ballistic parts in the field (if moisture is taken on, it inhibits the effectiveness of the component)
  • Inspection of boat hulls for osmosis damage
  • Moisture ingress into pre-fabricated parts
Other Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Food production
  • Mineral processing
  • Building
  • Surveying
  • Historic properties, etc...
Measurement Options

  • PLC via a USB Connection
  • PLC via Analogue Voltage Generator
  • Handheld portable indicator / recorder, with full color LCD

M50-P Probe

The universal probe can be used as a handheld unit when paired with a handset or as part of a process control system integrated with a PC.

  • Probe Ø OD: 57mm
  • Sensor Ø: 28mm
  • Field depth penetration: Up to 40mm (readings relate to inverse square rule)
  • Range: 0 - 50%
  • Power consumption: nominal 10 milli Watts
  • Operational temperature Range: -20° to 85°C; high temperature unit (to 120°C) available
  • Weight: 150g for Al probe (option for stainless steel)
  • Rugged: Designed to conform to IP67 (dust & moisture resistant)
  • Communication interface: USB, cable = 1.8m long (other lengths available)
  • Software operating systems: XP & Windows 7




Standard Features Include:

  • Data logging function to store readings in the handset for download to a PC.
  • USB interface to allow handset configuration from computer, download of log data and recharging of unit's batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries giving up to 20 hours continuous usage from a full charge
  • Batteries can be recharged by plugging the handset into a USB interface or a mains-powered USB charger
  • Designed to conform to IP67 (dust and moisture resistant)

M50-PHP-R Handset

  • Go/No-go indication, with variable sound level indicator and 3x density settings (honeycomb, foam, solid).
  • Three preset density values are programmed into the handset (sandwich, foam and solid), for quick selection by the user when working with different composite materials.
  • Designed for testing randomes.
  • Moisture level displayed in a graphical format, divided into 'good', 'poor' and 'fail'.

M50-PHP-P Handset

  • Moisture displayed as % moisture by dry weight
  • Configurable density of the material under test, so the handset can be used with a range of materials
  • One-touch application of a zero-offset to focus on changes in moisture content across a sample.
  • Eight preset density values can be programmed into the handset for quick selection by the user when working with different materials.
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
M50 Moisture Monitoring Inspection Kit Includes: Handheld Display Module M50-PHP-P, M50-P-A Probe w/ cable & handle, Explorer 4412 Carry Case with custom foam insert, Docking Station, USB Lead & Charger, USB w/data logging software & Manual BT-JR-M50-PHP-P $4,200.00
M50 Go/No-Go Moisture Monitoring Inspection Kit Includes: Handheld Display Module M50-PHP-R, M50-P-A Probe w/cable & handle, Explorer 4412 Carry Case w/custom foam insert, Docking Station, USB Lead & Charger, USB w/data logging software & Manual BT-JR-M50-PHP-R $4,200.00
M50 Probe w/ Digital Output in Anodized Aluminum Case, Power Input = 5 Volts. Supplied with 'get-started' (% moisture to 3 decimal points) & Cure Monitoring Software. **Add lead for PC Interface or Handheld Display Module for operation - not included BT-JR-M50-Probe $1,095.00
Calibration of M50 Moisture / Cure Monitor to national standards in accordance with ISO9001:2015. Paperwork Includes: Certificate of Conformity & Calibration Certificate BT-JR-M50-Calibration $675.00
USB Cable for PC Interface with M50 Probe, 1.8m length BT-JR-M50-Cable-PC $315.00