Dynamic/Rebound Accessories

Dynamic/Rebound Accessories

Probes & Calibration Blocks

Impact Devices

D Type
A general purpose impact probe, suitable for the majority of hardness measurements with a wide measuring range.

C Type
A smaller indentation and covers a slightly wider hardness range compared to Type D, but requires a better surface finish.

DC Type
Used in confined spaces like holes, cylinders, or inside of assembled machines.

G Type
Used in heavy coarse grained castings and forgings.

DL Type
A narrow profile impact probe for use in confined spaces like the base of grooves, drill holes, and gears.

Pictured from left to right:
C, D, DC, DL & G

Additional Accessories

Rugged Rubber Case

Protective hard case designed for the DLH-100 / DLH-500, equipped with a kickstand for easy portability.

HLD & HLG Test Blocks

750-830 HLD
590-670 HLD
490-570 HLD
550-630 HLG
460-540 HLG

Replacement Probe Cables

Replacement Cables for:

Impact Device Technical Specifications

Impact Device Specifications

  D DC DL D+15 C G
Impact Energy 11 N/mm 2.7 N/mm 90 N/mm
Spherical Tip Diameter 3 mm 5 mm
Impact Device Diameter 20 mm 5 mm 20 mm 30 mm
Impact Device Length 147 mm 86 mm 202 mm 162 mm 141 mm 254 mm
Sample Max Hardness 940 HV 950 HV 940 HV 1000 HV 650 HV
Sample Min. Thickness 3 mm 1 mm 10 mm
Layers Min. Thickness 0.8 mm 0.2 mm 1.2 mm
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Probe Type D HT-SY-PROBE-D $225.00
Probe Type DC HT-SY-PROBE-DC $275.00
Probe Type DL HT-SY-PROBE-DL $775.00
Probe Type C HT-SY-PROBE-C $225.00
Probe Type D+15 HT-SY-PROBE-D+15 $225.00
Probe Type G HT-SY-PROBE-G $775.00
HLD Test Block (750-830 HLD) HT-SY-HLD-750830 $150.00
HLD Test Block (590-670 HLD) HT-SY-HLD-590670 $150.00
HLD Test Block (490-570 HLD) HT-SY-HLD-490570 $150.00
HLG Test Block (550-630 HLG) HT-SY-HLG-550630 $250.00
HLG Test Block (460-540 HLG) HT-SY-HLG-460540 $250.00
Replacement Probe Cable for MH-180, DLH-100 and DLH-500 HT-SY-CABLE $45.00
Support Rings - 12 Pieces / Set HT-SY-SUPPORT $325.00
Equotip Replacement Cable HT-NDTS-EQTCBL $90.00
Rugged Rubber Case with Kickstand (DLH-100 / DLH-500) HT-SY-Case $175.00
Wireless Printer HT-SY-PRINTER Discontinued Item