Helling Cross Coil

Helling Cross Coil

Helling Cross Coil
Cost effective, multi-direction, contactless Magnetic Particle Inspection

cross coil cross-coil

Cross-coil for pipes, bars, etc., with a diameter of 23/8" to 71/4" (60.3mm to 181.3 mm)

  • High-current coils with four turns each for phase-delayed operation
  • Base structure made of durable plastic material
  • With integrated holding fixture for mounting on one connecting flange
  • Drip pan to be supplied by the customer

Control cabinet for phase-delayed activation of the device

  • Includes Siemens PLC type S7 / 1200
  • Transformers: 2 x 14.4 KVA
  • 7" touch panel

MPI Showering Unit

  • Integrated spray nozzles
  • Plastic tank for magnetic particles of 10 gallons (40 liters)
  • Integrated pump for magnetic particles
  • Magnetic particles are constantly being recycled

cross coil mpi showering unit

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