Magnaflux Magnaglo 14A Redi-Bath

Magnaflux Magnaglo 14A Redi-Bath

Magnaflux Magnaglo 14A Redi-Bath

Magnaglo® 14A Redi-Bath is a prepared liquid concentrate of 14A Fluorescent Powder, wetting agents, anti-foaming agents and long lasting rust inhibitors.

Easiest method of water bath preparation. Simply add pre-blended concentrate to water.

Specifications Compliance:
ASTM E 1444, ASTM E-709, NAVSEA 250-1500-1, MIL-STD-271, MIL-STD-2132, ASME B & PV Code, Sec. V

Magnaglo® 14A Redi-Bath is used to locate fine surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities such as: inclusions, seams, shrink cracks, tears, laps, flakes, welding defects, grinding cracks, quenching cracks and fatigue cracks.

Recommended Concentration:
2.7 oz./gallon (21 ml/liter)

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Magnflux Magnaglo 14A Redi-bath 4 pack of 1 Gallon Jugs (01-9130-35) MT-MX-01-9130-35 $712.00
Magnaflux Magnaglo 14A Redi-bath, 6 pack of 27 oz. Bottles (01-9130-41) MT-MX-01-9130-41 $320.00