Maurer VE + DN Industrial Duty Demagnetizers

Maurer VE + DN Industrial Duty Demagnetizers

The perfect demagnetizer for automated process lines

Remove Residual Magnetism Effectively and Efficiently

Residual magnetism is the enemy of the modern industrial manufacturing process. It makes it impossible for parts to become sufficiently clean after being washed, and prevents welding processes from running smoothly. The Maurer VE + DN has been specifically designed to eliminate residual magnetism and fit right in with the rest of your automated process line.

Depending on the design, the VE + DN creates a degaussing field of roughly 628 - 4,521 Gauss (or 50 - 360 kA/m), making it possible to demagnetize bulk parts in carriers, transport containers, or complex individual parts. Using the pulse demagnetization method, and with a pulse lasting only a few seconds, the VE + DN achieves superior results on a level never before reached.

Complete demagnetization of assembled bearings with pulse technology and high field strength


What VE + DN Means for You:

  • Tailored to meet any application, with strengths from 628 - 4,521 Gauss (50 - 360 kA/m)
  • Perfectly suited for integration into automated process lines
  • Remote-control enabled with 24 V I/O interface
  • Suitable for parts in transport containers, complex or large individual parts, and parts with magnetically hard spots
  • Makes your other processes more efficient by eliminating residual magnetism
  • Reduced space requirements due to pulse demagnetization
  • Highest level of process control and quality
  • Heavy-duty design


Integrated light barrier for pulse activation, allowing the VE + DN to operate completely automatically



Integration into Production Lines

The VE + DN is typically deployed in automated industrial manufacturing, where productivity and process security are decisive factors. The simple and intuitive functionality of the VE + DN Demagnetizer makes it easily fit into every manufacturing process.

Seen here with optional horizontal coil opening




Optimally-Tailored Demagnetization Solution

The parameters of the demagnetization process are predetermined by tests and experience gained from similar applications. The demagnetization solution is implemented quickly using optimally designed power and coil modules.

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