Integrity Products Cryogenic Plug

Integrity Products Cryogenic Plug

Inspection Ports Designed for Cryogenic Applications

Designed for Cryogenic Applications

Integrity Products Cryogenics Plugs are specially designed for cold service applications. These ports are manufactured as a simple 3-part assembly for cold service insulated piping systems. The 1st component consists of the Plug itself with the addition of an aluminum ring with inserts for banding applications. The 2nd component is an insulation insert made from a closed cell foam material with a PTFE strap that is mechanically mounted into place, and the 3rd component is a PTFE sleeve that can be cut to insulation thickness, which protects against air infiltration under the insulation. This also serves as a barrier for the foam pillow creating a suction type fit, a thermal brake designed at the base of the sleeve to curve around the outer diameter of the pipe.

The design and materials of the Cryogenic Plugs are uniquely formulated for fluctuating and sub-zero temperatures. Together, all of these factors come together to create a vapor/moisture barrier and reduces the risk of frost/ice build-up forming on the insulated system, making these plugs essential for allowing access for NDT on insulated pipes, vessels, tanks and equipment.

Technical Specifications

Cryogenic Plug Specifications

Cover, Cap, Edge Trim Materials 60 Durometer Silicone
Inner Edge Trim 18 Gauge Black Mild Steel
Tensile Strength 1319 PSI
Elongation 234%
PTFE Pull Strap
Tensile Strength 23 MPa
Density 2.16 g/cm3
Elongation 220%
Closed Cell Foam
Material 23 MPa
Density 2.16 g/cm3
PTFE Sleeve
Tensile Strength 23 MPa
Density 2.18 g/cm3
Elongation 280%
Operating Temperatures Cryo Plugs are lab tested at temperatures as low as -346° (-210°C).

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Integrity Products 3” Cryogenic Plug Kit, Round (IPC-0300-2010) CUI-IP-CP1 $114.00 $113.65