Maurer SE + DN Cleaning and Plating Demagnetizers

Maurer SE + DN Cleaning and Plating Demagnetizers

Demagnetizing prior to cleaning industrial parts


Designed for Your Toughest Requirements

The power of the  SE + DN Demagnetizer is designed to meet requirements defined by fine and ultra-fine cleaning machine manufacturers. All standard sized cleaning baskets are covered by the wide spectrum of available coil dimensions.

Residual magnetism that is too high causes ferromagnetic dirt particles to adhere to a component's surface. Despite modern and efficient washing processes, these particles are very difficult to remove without the aid of demagnetization. The SE + DN is specifically designed to tackle this unique problem, and delivers perfect demagnetization for perfect cleanliness.

SE + DN in a fully automated production line

What SE + DN Means for You:

  • Very little magnetic adhesion of ferromagnetic particles (or none)
  • Superior cleanliness in the washing processes
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Pulse demagnetization creates a demagnetization field that is many times stronger than other systems
  • Coil openings are optimized for common cleaning basket sizes
  • Simple integration into automated process lines

Active demagnetizing pulse for demagnetizing a box with bulk material

Pulse Demagnetization

Demagnetization with Maurer Degaussing┬« technology (particularly pulse demagnetization) provides you with decisive benefits over conventional demagnetization systems. The high field strength, deep penetration depth and precisely-decreasing alternating field all combine to make the SE + DN perfect for handling any parts you throw at it.


Especially suited for demagnetizing parts inside of non-metallic (non-ferromagnetic) cleaning baskets or containers

Range of Parts

  • Directly in the feed conveyor for smaller washing systems
  • Containers and cleaning baskets made of non-magnetic material
  • Long wash baskets can be processed using using the Helmholtz coil arrangement
  • Individual parts before electron beam welding

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