Spectro-UV Fluorescent Bench & Display Lamps

Spectro-UV Fluorescent Bench & Display Lamps


Spectro-UV's X-Series lamps are ideally suited for applications where high-intensity, wide-area UV coverage is required. Constructed of rugged metal with sturdy mounting brackets, these units are available in various combinations of long, medium and/or short wave UV. The complete line also offers lamps in a wide choice of various intensities, sizes and-wattage, including single or double UV tubes. A corrosion-resistant aluminum reflector optimizes UV irradiance, while all short and medium wave models feature our unique LONGLIFE™ filter glass, to ensure high initial UV intensity. These versatile lamps are also a key component of our CL-150 UV photo documentation system. They offer easy wavelength interchangeability making this system ideal for numerous applications requiring a darkened environment.


  • Choice of 15-watt, 30-watt and 40-watt models
  • Available in all UV wavelengths (LW, MW and SW) as well as germicidal lamps
  • Single- and double-tube combinations
  • Filtered UV-A and unfiltered UV tubes
  • Offered with or without filter assemblies
  • 15-watt models with anodized aluminum housing
  • 30- and 40-watt models with enameled sheet metal housing
  • Outfitted with sturdy metal brackets for easy overhead mounting

Single Wavelength

  • UV-A, 365nm
  • Integrally filtered tube (BLB) or unfiltered tube (BL)
  • With or without filter
Model Equipped With Typical Peak Intensity (uµ/cm2) at 10" (25cm)
XX-15A Two 15-Watt BLB, BLE-1800B 1100
XX-40 Two 40-Watt BLB, BLE-7900B 1850
Discontinued Lamps
X-15A One 15-Watt BLB, BLE-1800B 800
X-30 One 30-Watt BLB, BLE-5000B 1100
X-40 One 40-Watt BLB, BLE-7900B 1400
X-15N One 15-Watt BL, BLE-1T151 with filter 600
XX-15N Two 15-Watt BL, BLE-1T151 with filter 850
XX-40N Two 40-Watt BLB, BLE-7900B with filter 1100

Please call for more information regarding alternatives to the discontinued lamps


Multi Wavelength

  • Unfiltered long, medium and short wave tubes
  • With LONGLIFE filter
Long Wave (UV-A, 365nm)
Model Equipped With Typical Peak UV Intensity (uµ/cm2) at 10" (25cm)
XX-15NF One 15-Watt BL, BLE-1T151 550
XX-15NB One 15-Watt BL, BLE-1T151 550



Note: There is a $35 small order fee for orders valued less than $200

Can combine with other products to reach minimum.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
XX-15A Includes: 2 x 365nm 15 Watt BLB Tubes (120V/60) UV-SP-XX15A $499.00
XX-40 Includes: 2 x 365nm 40 Watt BLB Tubes (120V/60Hz) UV-SP-XX40 $780.00
Spectro-UV BLE-7900B Tube Bulb, 40W 365nm UVA BLB for X-Series, 48" UV-SP-BLE-7900B $92.00
Spectro-UV BLE-1800B Tube Bulb, 15W 365nm BLB for X-Series UV-SP-BLE-1800B $59.00