Karl Deutsch Fluxa Magnetic Particle Test Block

Karl Deutsch Fluxa Magnetic Particle Test Block

Karl Deutsch Fluxa Magnetic Particle Test Block


The FLUXA® Test Block is used to check the sensitivity of fluorescent magnetic particle materials. It contains a permanent magnet and an artificial crack. The indication length is measured on an engraved scale, which is noted as the fluorescent material sensitivity.

permanent magnet

The FLUXA® block can be used to compare different products as well as changes in a bath sensitivity due to use.

The FLUXA® Test Block meets ASTM E 1444, ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code).

The FLUXA® Test Block consists of two precisely ground steel blocks which form an artificial crack at their contact areas. On one front side, a permanent magnet is arranged under a brass cover. This magnet causes a magnetic stray flux across the artificial crack, which decreases more and more with increasing distance from the magnet. Thus, a deterioration of indication sensitivity can be determined by a reduction of the indication length.


Immerse the FLUXA® Test Block for a few seconds in the bath or carefully spray it with the well-mixed inspection medium. Let excess inspection medium drop off. After this, inspect the artificial crack under proper UV illumination, read its length from the engraved mm scale and record it.

Important notes for application:

The FLUXA® Test Block must be used for comparative measurements only.

The indication length read from a test block should not be used as absolute value, but only relative to the performance of the MPI medium.

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