TecScan Eddy Current Instrument

TecScan Eddy Current Instrument

Fully Digital Eddy Current Instrument Designed for Automated Testing Applications

Fully Digital, Computer Controlled

The ECIS-CC-20 features an integrated computer control, multi-frequency controls and fully digital display. The ECIS-CC-20 can be used for wide range of applications such as aerospace, industrial, manufacturing and laboratory for non-destructive testing of conductive components. It can be purchased as part of our scanning systems (like the aforementioned Eddy Current Bearing Scanner) or by itself, piloted by the easy-to-use TecView™ EC software.

Screenshot of TecView EC Software


  • Complete multi-tasking software
  • Intuitive user interface & menu
  • Multiple frequency capabilities
  • Real-time C-Scan
  • Live Alarms
  • Real-time Impedance and Strip Chart
  • Imaging & analysis module

Technical Specifications

ECIS-CC-20 Instrument Specifications

ECIS-CC-20 Instrument Specifications
Channels 1 channel (up to 8 time multiplexed frequencies)
Frequency 10 Hz to 25 MHz
Rotation 0 to 360°
Output Voltage 0 to 20 Vpp
Preamplifier 0 to 30 dB
Horizontal, Vertical Gains -20 to 80 db
Low Pass Filter 1.0Hz to 100kHz
High Pass Filter 0 to 10 kHz
Analog Outputs CH0 Horizontal / CH0 Vertical / CH1 Horizontal / CH1 Vertical
Analog Output Full Scale ±10V
External Trigger Input TTL compatible
Control Interface USB
Digital Data Output 16 bit, streaming via USB

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