MagWerks SMTS-25 Shunt Meter Test Kit

MagWerks SMTS-25 Shunt Meter Test Kit

Highly portable, highly accurate MPI calibration


Calibrate your MPI equipment with ease

The SMTS-25 Shunt Meter Test Kit is a highly accurate and highly portable instrument capable of checking the calibration of any low-voltage style magnetic particle inspection equipment on the market today. The instrument enclosure is an all-aluminum case construction with an all-aluminum swivel handle assembly that can be used for carrying as well as for elevation on a work bench. The instrument is battery powered, freeing the user from needing cumbersome power cords and potential ground loops created from line power. Optional integral shot duration timer records shot lengths directly from shunt, no external wires to hook up.



  • Compact size
  • One unit capable of measuring AC, HWDC and FWDC using the same shunt
  • Optional integrated shot duration timer records shot lengths as the part sees it; no external wires needed for this
  • Mag shot time measured to a 0.001 second resolution with optional shot duration meter
  • Default mag pulse capture-time setting is for a 0.5 sec mag shots, however it is equipped with an adjustment pot for all other mag shot duration times. (This feature will allow accurate readings on slower responding MPI machines such as saturable-reactor designs)
  • Large .562 high green 3½ digit meter for current measurements
  • Operator control panel equipped with easy to use controls
  • Meter hold over-ride switch for checking demag decay cycle down to zero
  • Test kit can be used for mobiles, portables and wet horizontals
  • Fast acting ammeter takes 12 samples per second
  • Integrated battery indicator shows full charge state, 50% charge state and low charge (do not use) state
  • Optional rechargeable batteries and wall charger available
  • Individual long-form NIST traceable certification sheets included

Kit Includes:

  • SMTS-25 Instrument
  • Shunt Assembly Good Up To 10kA
  • Shunt Cabling
  • 120VAC Power Adapter
  • Users Guide
  • Long Form NIST Traceable Certifications with Data
  • Shot Timer Option for SMTS-25
  • Rechargeable Battery Option for SMTS-25
  • International Power Adapter with Threaded Sleeve
  • Fitted Nanuk Hard Case for SMTS-25

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
MagWerks SMTS-25 Shunt Meter Test Kit, 10 amp resolution, included shot timer and fitted hard case MT-MW-SMTS25 $3,225.00
MagWerks SMTS-25-XR Shunt Meter Test Kit, 1 amp resolution, includes shot timer and fitted hard case MT-MW-SMTS25-XR $4,255.00
MagWerks Rechargeable Battery for SMTS-25 MT-MW-SMTS25-BATT $145.00
MagWerks Fitted ATA Hard Case for SMTS-25 MT-MW-SMTS25-CASE $285.00
MagWerks Replacement cable to connect SMTS-25 Meter to Shunt MT-MW-11-01-50-31 $130.00