Magnaflux Digital Meter Kit

Magnaflux Digital Meter Kit

Certify Amperage Up to 10,000 amps and with an Accuracy of ± 3%


The Digital Ammeter and Shunt Test Kit is a calibrated reference meter for the verification of magnetic particle equipment performance. The kit includes a calibrated digital ammeter that captures the ½-second mag shot and provides AC RMS or DC Average amperage readings. The ammeter is capable of measuring AC, HWDC, and FWDC waveforms up to 10,000 amps with an accuracy of +/-3% in AC mode or +/-2% in DC mode. The kit includes a calibrated reference shunt with leads to connect to the ammeter. Includes portable storage case.

This kit is specifically designed to accurately measure magnetizing current generated by Magnaflux magnetizing equipment. Equipment from other manufacturers may use different current control techniques, so the Digital Ammeter & Shunt may not give accurate readings for non-Magnaflux equipment.

  • Lightweight Design
  • Direct Read Out - No Conversion Charts
  • Battery Operated - Fully Portable

Technical Specifications

Digital Meter Kit Specifications

Modes AC / HWDC / FWDC
Display 4 digit LCD
Range AC 0-6,000 A RMS
Accuracy AC +/- 3% or 30A (whichever is greater)
Range DC 0-10,000 A Average
Accuracy DC +/-2% or 20A (whichever is greater)
Shunt 50 mV / 1000 A
Shunt Cable 5 ft. / 1.5 m
Power 4x “AA” 1.5V batteries

Specification Compliance

Digital Meter Kit Compliance

  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444
  • ASTM E3024
  • ASME BPVC Section V Article 7
  • ISO 9934
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