High Power Demagnetizers

High Power Demagnetizers

The Highest Performance for the Toughest Requirements


These high-performance machines are used when there are high demands on demagnetizing quality, process capability, high productivity and optimal use of energy requirements as well as extensive integration needs.

For high field performance, coil dimensions and field calculations must be optimized according to the intended use. The opening and field strength of the coil flows squarely into the required power. If lower field outputs are required, standard coils cannot always be used with optimally matched opening sizes.

CT-U + DN Demagnetizer

Industrial Duty

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Larger machine parts are handled well with this combination. The reinforced coils are available in eight different sizes, and they are suitable for manual and automated operation. The powerful degaussing field demagnetizes thick-walled parts successfully.

KE + DN Demagnetizer

Compact and High Precision

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A good entry-level model, without sacrificing power. Thanks to its 230-volt connection, it is particularly suitable for laboratories, tool shops and service points. This high precision demagnetizer degausses complex single parts or small volumes of bulk materials. It creates reproducible results by means of pulsed demagnetization.

SE + DN Demagnetizer

For Cleaning & Plating

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Specially designed to demagnetize residual magnetism in containers of cleaning systems. These products reduce the magnetic values on the components and create good conditions to efficiently clean ferromagnetic material in washing processes.

RE + DN Demagnetizer

For Tubes & Bars

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Long stretched or endless long bars, tubes and profiles are all treated here in a continuous throughput magnetization. Increased cooling of the coil enables high demagnetizing fields.

VE + DN Demagnetizer

Industrial Duty

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This heavy duty demagnetizer was designed specifically for automated processes. It offers superior performance at a mid-range size, and it is perfect for demagnetizing bulk parts in carriers, transport containers, or complex individual parts.

HLE + DM Demagnetizer

Very High Performance

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The HLE + DM is the most powerful demagnetizer available, making it the go-to demagnetizer for when the demands are the highest. It comes with field strength and dimensions customized to your specifications and can be fully integrated.

DM-200P Demagnetizer

Mobile, High Power

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The MM DM-200P Mobile Demagnetizer is used to demagnetize large shafts, pipes, structures and machines. It is the most powerful of all mobile demagnetizers. It uses multi-conductor cables (which can be combined if needed) to build an extremely high-ampere-turn coil for maximum demagnetizing pulse capable of penetrating 16" (400mm) of steel.

DS-1 + DN Demagnetizer

Yoke Type Demagnetizer

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The DS-1 + DN is designed for the demagnetization of large rings, dies, etc. Yokes can be used individually or in pairs as shown.

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