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Cables - Adapters - Connectors, Etc.

Cables - Adapters - Connectors, Etc.

NDT Supply offers a complete line of quality probe cables, adapters and connectors at affordable prices.

Standard-economy, Nylon Jacketed and Stainless Steel Armored

We also offer customized cables made to your specifications.


  1. NDT Supply Single Cables

    Single Cables

  2. NDT Supply Dual Cables

    High Quality Dual Probe Cables and Connectors with Superior Strain Reliefs to Provide Longer Life.

  3. NDT Supply Nylon Protected Ultrasonic Cables

    Nylon protected ultrasonic cables

  4. Innovative Stainless Steel Armored Flexible Cables

    Innovative Stainless Steel Armored Flexible Cables

  5. NDT Supply Cable Adapters

    Cable Adapters for BNC, Lemo 1 or Lemo 00 Connectors