Corrosion and General Purpose Thickness Gauges

Corrosion and General Purpose Thickness Gauges

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Pulse-Echo (P-E) Mode Thickness Gauges

The ZX gauges use the 0 – 1st Echo technique to measure remaining wall thickness on uncoated material. It can be used to measure thickness, detect internal pitting and measure when the opposite surface is highly corroded.

1. Couplant   3. Testing Material

Pulse-Echo (P-E) Thickness Gauge Applications

What can you inspect?

Materials: Uncoated Steel, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Cast Iron, Plexiglass, etc

Shapes: Flat, Round, Bends, Thick, Thin, etc

Applications: Corrosion, Wear, Quality Control, etc

What can you detect?

  • Material Thickness
  • Internal pitting
  • Erosion
  • Wear
  • Internal Defects
  • Material Flaws, and more



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The ZX-1, like the MX-1, is designed for simplicity. The gauge is pre-calibrated for steel* which eliminates the need for a calibration block and careful calibration by a trained inspector. It is always calibrated and ready to use - just Probe Zero and measure.

*The ZX-1 can be unlocked and reset to other material sound velocities if needed.



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The ZX-2 replaces the MX-2 and has 8 preset material sound velocities + 2 user programmable.



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The ZX-3 replaces the MX-3 with fully adjustable sound velocity + 8 presets. Standard Probe Zero or Automatic (No Zero Block) Probe Zero. The most important feature is the High Speed Scan mode which provides for better detection of small pitting.



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The ZX-5/ZX-5DL replaces the MX-5/MX-5DL and has all the features of the ZX-3 plus: Velocity/Nodularity mode, Differential Mode and Hi/Low Alarms.



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The ZX6/ZX-6DL replaces the MMX-6/MMX-6DL and ER versions. The ZX-6 has all the ZX-5 features plus Echo-Echo Through-Coating capability with Time Dependent Gain (TDG). TDG is used in both Pulse-Echo (P-E) and Echo-Echo (E-E) modes depending on transducer and frequency selected. TDG electronically compensates for signal loss due to increased distance and the loss of signal strength due to attenuation.


All ZX Gauges

Features common to all ZX models include: 

Rugged, sealed (IP65) metal housing, 150 Volt square wave pulser, Low temperature custom LCD (-22°F). 5-year warranty. Full range of probes available 1-10MHz, 3/16" to 1/2". Includes factory calibration and certification to NIST and MIL-STD-45662A. 45-hour operation from 2 standard AA batteries. Low battery indicator, Backlight with on/off/auto and low/med/high settings. Bar graph display of signal stability.

Pulse Echo measuring range of 0.025" to 36.00" (0.63 to 1219 mm) of steel (probe dependent). 200 Hz PRF with 10Hz update rate.


ZX Series Features

Includes cable and PC software​

  ZX-1 ZX-2 ZX-3 ZX-5 & ZX-5DL ZX-6 & ZX-6DL
Manual Probe Zero

Automatic Probe Zero    
Fixed Velocity Setting 1 Setting 8 presets + 2 programmable settings available
Adjustable Velocity    
Adjustable Gain in 3 Steps      
Measurement Scale (in/mm)
Pulse Echo Mode
Echo-Echo Thru-Coating Mode        
High Speed Scan Mode    
TDG - Time Dependent Gain        
Differential Mode      
Alarm Mode      
Nodularity Mode (Velocity)      
AC Operation          
Data         Sequential data storage, 40 files of 250 readings per file for 10,000 readings
Software         Includes cable and PC software
Warranty 5 Years Limited