Western Instruments W-IC MPI Inspection Booths

Western Instruments W-IC MPI Inspection Booths

Custom Magnetic Particle Inspection Stations

Customizable Inspection Booths

The W-IC Series Inspection Booths are designed to be economical inspection stations that offer portability and convenience. These booths feature a wide variety of options and add-ons to fit your requirements, such as: choice of work surfaces, hoods, coil suspension/mounts and more. They are dry and wet method compatible. Featuring an easy to assemble bolted frame and caster wheels make for easy to relocation.

They come in two standard sizes: 40" (1m) and 60" (1.5m) long with width of 30" (760mm) and 34" (863.6mm) height. Custom sizes are available.






  • Booth Hood
    • Adjustable Opening
    • Extends to Work Surface
    • Fire Retardant
    • Ventilation Fan (optional)
    • Retractable (optional)
  • Work Surfaces
    • Standard Rubber Covered
    • 2 Storage Shelves
    • Wet Method (optional)
    • Perforated Surface
    • Longitudinal Rails with Coil Carrier and 2 Steady Rests
  • Bath Recirculation Tank
    • Up to 8 Gallon Capacity
    • Bath Agitation Outlet
    • Bath Supply Nozzle
    • Modular Pump Assembly
    • Tank Drain
  • Power Bar with Illuminated Light Switches for
    • White Light
    • UV Light
    • Bath Pump
    • Accessories (Coil or Yoke)
  • Overhead Coil Suspension Trolley
    • Fully Adjustable Height
    • Full Longitudinal Travel
    • Coil Swivel (rotation)
  • Offered in 2 work surface sizes; Standard 40" x 30" and Bench 60" x 30"
  • Easy to assemble bolted frame, breaks down for shipping
  • Equipped with casters for easy movement around the shop floor

Inspection Booths


Assemblable Inspection Station

40" x 30" x 34" (LxWxH) with:

Push Handle (adds 4" to length), Rubber Work Surface, 2 Shelves and Power Bar (w/ 18' Cord and GFI) for Yoke, Coil, Black Light, etc.

250 lbs. (115 kg) Capacity


Assemblable Inspection Station

60" x 30" x 34" (LxWxH) with:

Push Handle (adds 4" to length), Rubber Work Surface, 2 Shelves and Power Bar (w/ 18' Cord and GFI) for Yoke, Coil, Black Light, etc.

350 lbs. (160 kg) Capacity


W-IC-1 and W-IC-2 Options

  • Black Nylon Hood (4 Sides and Top) with frame to overall height of 84", with
    split side opening and an operator overhang of 18"
  • Retractable Nylon Hood with frame to allow heavy parts to be placed on the work
    surface. Increases height to 104", when Hood is folded back. *Longitudinal Pass Through not available.
  • White Light Fixture (Florescent), with switch and option between Fixed Hood or Retractable Hood
  • Ventilation Fan, recommended with Bath Recirculation Systems using an oil based carrier. Fixed Hood or Retractable Hood
  • Pony Panel, for bringing higher voltage onto the W-IC which provides two voltages (and outlets) up to the Mounting Panel for the Power Bar and White Light Switch. 230VAC x 60 Hz or 380 (400) VAC x 50Hz (3 Phase) options. Eliminates the need for extra cords to the Inspection Cart.
  • Coated Paper Work Surface, replaces Rubber Surface to permit fast clean up of the work surface. Includes paper roll (beneath work surface), and tear-off edge on adjacent side of work surface.
  • Bath Recirculation System, complete with coated screen work surface, hopper style tank (epoxy paint), sump, sump drain, pump, agitation nozzle, and bath nozzle. *Coated Paper Work Surface not available with this option
  • Longitudinal Pass Through, allows 18" of workpiece to enter the inspection area. Pass Through is fitted with brush type skirting. The pass-line and product diameter must be specified, as work surface height is adjusted accordingly. *Hood Option must be purchased
  • Overhead Coil Suspension Trolley, allows operator to move large inspection coils to the side of the work surface during Inspections. *Not available with Retractable Hood
  • Turntable, to be placed on the work surface when vertical handling and inspection of the work piece is most convenient. *Customer to specify Horizontal Coil Suspension
  • Adjustable Height Workpiece Platform, provides a shelf to hold small parts with a weight capacity of 15 lbs. in the center of the coil
  • Rotatable Steady Rests (2), to allow the work piece to be placed horizontally over the work surface and rotated

  • Longitudinal Rails (for steady rests and/or coil cart), for mounting on all work surfaces. Can be used for coil movement instead of overhead coil suspension.

  • Coil Cart, allows coil to be moved side to side during inspection. *Longitudinal Rails must be purchased

  • Rotatable Coil Mount for Coil Cart. Allows coil to be skewed at an angle, to ensure sensitivity to longitudinal defects. *Standard Coil Cart must be purchased

  • Double Workpiece Capacity

    • W-IC-1 up to 320 kg/700 lbs. Capacity

    • W-IC-2 up to 500 kg/1100 lbs. Capacity

  • Bath Starter Kit c/w 1 lb. fluorescent powder, centrifuge tube, stand for bath evaluation, W-FI-10, W-FI-50 and castrol strips.

  • Custom Workpiece Fixtures
  • Custom Inspection Carts, up to 96" x 60" x 34" (LxWxH)
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Western Instruments W-IC-1 Magnetic Particle Assembled Inspection Station (for Shipping), 40"x48'x7" Includes: Rubber Work Surface, Shelf and Power Bar (w/18' Cord) for Yoke, Coil & Black Light - 250 lbs. (115 kg) Capacity MT-WI-W-IC-1 Request Pricing
Western Instruments W-IC-2 Magnetic Particle Assembled Inspection Station (for Shipping), 60"x48'x7" Includes: Rubber Work Surface, 2 Shelves and Power Bar (w/18' Cord) for Yoke, Coil & Black Light - 350 lbs. (160 kg) Capacity MT-WI-W-IC-2 Request Pricing