OKO ETS2-77 Eddy Current Single-Rail Flaw Detector

OKO ETS2-77 Eddy Current Single-Rail Flaw Detector

Single Rail 8-Channel Flaw Detector for Track Inspection


The ETS2-77 is intended for the mechanized inspection of rails and switches as well as confirmation of the results of a grinding application. The device is capable of testing a wide range of rail profiles. The eddy current technology enables localizing the following surface defects:

  • progressive transverse cracking (International Defect Code (UIC) 211)
  • fissuring / scaling at the gauge corner (International Defect Code (UIC) 2223)
  • shelling of the gauge corner (International Defect Code (UIC) 2222)
  • wheel burn (International Defect Code (UIC) 225)

The eddy current rail inspection equipment ETS2-77 is capable of evaluating the vertical depth of the defect, thus allowing a more efficient management of rail defects. The inspector can easily decide on the defect removal method: grinding, milling or re-railing, which saves time and money.


The ETS2-77 flaw detector can be folded for transportation or assembled

Main Components

  • Aluminum Base Frame
  • Eddycon D - Multichannel Eddy Current Flaw Detector
  • Scanning Modules with Eddy Current Probes (ECP)
  • Laptop
  • Software for Test Data Input, Storage and Processing
  • Reference Block



  • Light aluminum frame
  • Specialized abrasion-resistant ECPs can evaluate oblique cracks with up to 3 mm vertical damage depth
  • 8 ECPs application can control the whole head rail surface in one run
  • Individual spring-mounted fitting of each ECP
  • Fast removal of the scanner during transfer from one area to another
  • Individual adjustment of ECP position
  • Operating time of 8 hours or more
  • Specialized software for setting up, testing and reviewing inspection results
  • Uses Eddycon D Flaw Detector:

Learn More about the Eddycon D Flaw Detector

Eddy Current Channel Setup


Generating Railroad Names

Specialized Software

The specialized software contains four main parts:

  1. Eddy Current Channel Setup
    • Quick set up of all EC channel parameters – EC probe frequency, drive voltage, gain, filters, threshold level, sync type, etc. Four independent threshold levels for automated defect triggering (ALARM) for each displayed area. Test setups can be saved to the PC or tablet’s memory.
  2. Testing
    • Real-time display of the 8 EC probe's information. Test results can be recorded on the PC or tablet memory. The signal visualization area display of different types of information. Re-calculation of the obtained defectograms can be performed.
  3. Generating Railroad Names
    • Consists of the following components: Railroads, Divisions, Sectors, and Stages.
  4. Review Test Results
    • Test results from the database can be read, archived, and printed out. Test results can also be reviewed from a remote PC, etc.



Review Test Results

Technical Specifications

ETS2-77 Specifications

Model ETS2-77
Flaw Detector Type Mechanized
Dimensions In Stowed Position: 1730 mm × 900 mm × 350 mm
Eddy Current Channel Eddycon D
Scanning Device Scanner of the gauge face of the rail
Scanner of the rolling surface control
ECP Quantity 8
Tested Area by 1 ECP 6 mm
ECP Protection Ceramic protective cover for protection from abrasion and damage
Test Velocity Up to 2 m/s
Alarm Visual
Specialized Software Setup program
Test program
Results review program
Operating Time 8 hours
Record and Data Storage +
PC hard disk
Working PC Industrial, IP rating 65

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