ETher RailCheck Eddy Current Flaw Detector

ETher RailCheck Eddy Current Flaw Detector


The ETher RailCheck Eddy Current Flaw detector is designed to easily detect and record surface breaking cracks in the head of rails. It combines a hand-held Eddy current flaw detector with a custom probe designed to inspect the running surface of the rail. A special trolley allows the operator to walk the probe down the rail with minimal effort. The specially designed probe allows the field and gauge corners to be inspected together with the rail face. The Eddy current flaw detector can trigger an audible and visual alarm should a defect be detected. The instruments' display shows the presence of potential defects in the rail and the complete inspection is continuously recorded for later analysis.



  • Single Rail Eddy Current Trolley detects surface breaking defects - collapsible and self-contained, can be setup in mere minutes without tools
  • Unique Probe designed to follow the shape of the top and gauge faces of the rail
  • Adjustable height rollers to ensure a constant gap between probe and rail, for smooth probe carriage
  • Sprung Diablo wheels ensure a good reference to the gauge face
  • 5.7" (145 mm) Large daylight readable display, user friendly interface, single level menu system, "quick function" sidebar
  • Rugged lightweight housing - 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg)
  • 2 year standard warranty
  • Optional ETherCover extending warranty to 5 years


"Widescan" Rail Probe

ETher's widescan are used in conjunction with an with an ETher NDE portable flaw detector for rapid rail inspection. They can detect surface breaking flaws, lightness and overcome consistency problems associated with ultrasonic couplant and higher surface speed capability. 

Defect Sizing

The Rail probe, a single probe that is capable of detecting orientated flaws in one pass of the rail head, giving depth (size) of the flaw.

Rotary Encoder

A rotary encoder to provide distance information to the software and synchronize the sample rate with the speed.

Vector Display

"Trace" vs. "Vector" can be captured and when using Vector Display both data sets can be shown simultaneously.


How It Works

The Filus EC-1 is straightforward in use. The trolley is hand pushed along the track under test, at a normal walking pace, providing a highly accurate test of the rail surface. The operating parameters remain set for the majority of the operation, the only setup required is calibration against a known size slot in the test piece, then the unit is placed on the rail and the probe block lowered onto the surface. The system is then balanced (an automatic operation to null all readings on a clean section of rail), then the distance counter is reset and recording can start. The display will show data at the current point.

Technical Specifications

RailCheck Specifications

Probes Connectors LEMO 2B 12 way
Modes Absolute, Bridge, Reflections, Conductivity and Rotary 600-3000 rpm ETher Mercury Drive (ARD002).
Frequency   Dual Frequency 10Hz - 12.8MHz
Gain Overall -18 to +100 dB, 0.1, 1 and 6dB steps (100dB Max)
Input 0dB or 12dB
Drive 0dB, 6dB and 10dB (0dB ref 1mW into 50Ω)
Max X/Y Ratio +100dB
Phase Range 0.0° – 359.9°, 0.1° steps
Auto-Phase Allows phase angle to be automatically set to a pre-set angle
Filters Normal High Pass DC to 2kHz or Low Pass Filter, whichever is the lower in 1 Hz steps. Plus variable adaptive balance drift compensation 0.01 - 0.5 Hz (6 steps).
Normal Low Pass 1Hz to 2kHz or a quarter of the lowest test frequency, whichever is lower in 1 Hz steps.
Balance Manual 4 internal balance loads; 2.2μH, 5.0μH, 6.0μH, 6.5μH, 7.0μH, 7.5μH, 8.2μH, 12μH, 15μH, 18μH,
22μH, 30μH, 47μH, 82μH
Automatic Optimized balance load selection
Alarms Box Fully configurable, Freeze, Tone or visual
Sector Fully configurable, Freeze, Tone or visual
Output Open collector transistor (25v dc at 10mA max)
Display Type 5.7” (145mm), 18-bit Colour, daylight readable
Viewable Area 115.2mm x 86.4mm (Horizontal x Vertical)
Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Flip Manual or automatic screen orientation change to enable left or right-handed use.
Color Schemes User configurable Dark, Bright and Black & White
Configurable Screen Full Screen, Single, Dual Spot or Dual Pane with variable size and location. Screen and function e.g. XY, Timebase, Waterfall and Meter
Display Modes Spot, Time base (0.1-20 seconds x 1-200 sweeps and up to 55 seconds), Waterfall and Meter with peak hold and % readout
Graticule None, Grid (4 sizes 5, 10, 15 and 20% FSH), Polar (4 sizes 5, 10, 15 and 20% FSH)
Offset Spot Position: Y =-50 to +50, X =-65 to +65%
Digital Spot Display in X, Y or R,θ
Position Readout Display of all settings in Legacy Format
Removable Data Storage Setup Storage micro SD up to 32GB, holding over 10,000 settings
Stored Screen Shots micro SD up to 32GB, holding over 10,000 screen shots
Record Replay Comprehensive Record Replay and Storage. Real-time recording of trace data and Replay on
instruments and desktop PC up to 200km max per 2GB file.
Outputs PC Connectivity USB (Full PC remote control plus Real Time data)
Digital Alarm On Lemo 12-way Open collector transistor (25v dc at 10mA max).
VGA Full 15-way VGA output
Languages   English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish.
Power External 100-240 v 50-60Hz 30 Watts
Battery Internal 7.2V nominal @ 3100mAh = 22.32
Running Time Up to 8 hours with a 2MHz Pencil Probe 30% Back Light
Charging Time 2.5 hrs. charge time, Simultaneous charge and operation
Filus EC-1 Trolley Specifications

Dimensions (depending on gauge and probe configurations)
Length Unit Stowed: 35" (889mm)  Operational above rail top: 26.2" (664mm) 
Width 9.8" (249mm)  
Height Unit stowed: 12.9" (327mm) Operational above rail top: 38" (963 mm)
Total mass in operating regime 21 lbs. (9.5 kg)  

Kit Includes

RailCheck Standard Kit Includes

  • IRAIL001, RailCheck Flaw Detector w/Encoder
  • AWEL002, Power Adapter & Input Plugs
  • AWEL003, Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap, Quick Release Clips
  • AC006, Soft Carrying Case
  • A090, USB Cable - A to Mini B, 1m
  • 40759, Quick Reference Card
  • ALL12R-L04-015R-V1, Lead, Lemo 12-way - Lemo 4-way, 1.5m
  • ALL04-L04-015-RAIL, Lead, Lemo 4-way - Lemo 4-way, 1.5m, Bridge & Reflection
  • AAER004, Protective Splash Proof Cover
  • C232, Cable Sleeve - LEMO GMA.1B.045.DJ (yellow) Bend Relief (Polyurethane) (to fit cable dia. 4.5 - 4.9mm)
  • 60105, Software - RailCheck USB Stick Image - Issue 1


Additional Accessories

  • PT013, Probe, WideScan, to fit Rail Type UIIC 60, Single Coil, Reflection, 20kHz to 500kHz, Lemo 4-way socket
  • PT013-01, Probe, WideScan, to fit Rail Type UIIC 60, 50mm wide, Dual Coil, Reflection, 20kHz to 500kHz, x2 Lemo 4-way sockets
  • PT003, Probe, WideScan, Rail Head RT-1, 50mm wide, Single Coil, Reflection, 20kHz to 500kHz, Lemo 4-way socket
  • PT004, Probe, WideScan, Rail Head RT-1, 50mm wide, Dual Coil, Reflection, 20kHz to 500kHz, x2 Lemo 4-way sockets
  • ALL04-L04-025-B, Lead, 4-way Lemo to 4-way Lemo, 2.5m, Bridge
  • ALL04-L04-025-R, Lead, 4-way Lemo to 4-way Lemo, 1.5m, Reflection
  • ALL08-ENC-002, Encoder to Lemo 8-way, 2m long, Encoder - Incremental Encoder 1024 ppr 12000rpm 5 24 V DC (Manual Scanning)
  • ARAIL001, RailCheck Trolley w/Encoder
  • ARAIL002, RailCheck Trolley Carrying Case

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