Sonotech Ultragel II

Sonotech Ultragel II

General Purpose Couplant

Sonotech : Ultragel II
General Purpose Couplant

ULTRAGEL II®is Sonotech's premier ambient temperature, water-based ultrasonic couplant, with a 30+ year history of reliability, superior performance and ferrous corrosion inhibition in the nuclear, aerospace and power generating industries. Due to its unsurpassed quality and reliability, ULTRAGEL II is the most frequently specified and used NDT couplant in the world. ULTRAGEL II is recommended for use in flaw detection, thickness gaging, flow metering and acoustic emission testing, over extended ambient temperatures.

ULTRAGEL II meets the Halogens and Sulfur requirements specified in NAVSHIPS MIL-STD-767. ULTRAGEL II meets ASTM F519 Hydrogen Embrittlement test on high strength steel and has been tested for composite shear modulus, aircraft aluminum corrosion and composite adhesion.


  • Specified worldwide for 30+ years in nuclear, aerospace and power generating industries
  • Excellent wetting characteristics on oily or dirty surfaces
  • Water Based - easy to remove with water rinse.
  • Best ferrous corrosion inhibitor of Sonotech's high performance couplants for ferrous metals - performs at 90% effective rate and is compatible with most composites and metals.
  • Slow drying with good transducer lubrication
  • Extended ambient temperature range
  • Increased acoustic impedance for reduced surface noise
  • Stable couplant that holds on vertical and overhead surfaces and fills depressions in rough surfaces.
  • Meets nuclear specifications for halogens, sulfur and low melting point metals
  • Contains glycerine to extend drying time
  • Non-flammable and non-irritating - Contains no silicones or petroleum distillates.
  • Sonotech's unique processing eliminates couplant air bubbles

    Ultragel II has been tested and approved to:

    • ASTM F519 Hydrogen Embrittlement testing on high strength steel
    • Hot corrosion testing on High Temperature Alloys AMS 5544 (Waspalloy), 5536 (Hastelloy X), 6359 (Ferrous based alloys), 4037 (Aluminum), 5608 (Haynes 188), 5508 (Greek Ascoloy) and 4375 (Magnesium) and has been tested for composite shear modulus, aircraft aluminum corrosion and composite adhesion.
    • Boeing Specifications BAC 5968, BAC 5980 and BAC 5439-PSD622.
    • Pratt and Whitney PWA 36700/36604, MCL E-205 Type II, Stress Corrosion Cracking testing on Titanium Alloys or ASTM F945.

      Ultragel II is Available in these packages:

      • 1 Gallon (4 Liter) Container
      • 5 Gallon (18.9 Liter) Container
      • 55 Gallon (208.2 Liter) Drum
      • 12 oz. (355 mL) Bottle - 12 Pack
      Technical Specifications
      Viscosity* ~80,000cps
      Velocity 1.65+.05 mm/µsec
      Acoustic Impedance 1.8+.05 MRayls
      Temperature Range -10° to 210° F
      -23° to
      99° C
      Water soluble YES
      pH 7.8+0.5
      Humectant Contains glycerine
      Halogens (as Chlorides) < 50 ppm
      Sulfur < 50 ppm
      Low melting
      point metals
      minimal to none
      Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
      Sonotech Ultragel II Case of 12 x 12 oz. UT-SO-25-912 $103.00
      Sonotech Ultragel II 1 gallon UT-SO-25-901 $79.00
      Sonotech Ultragel II 5 gallon UT-SO-25-905 $306.00
      Sonotech Ultragel II 55 gallon UT-SO-25-955 $2,839.00