RB Annis Demagnetizing Coils

RB Annis Demagnetizing Coils

Coil Type 60 Hz AC Demagnetizers in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and field strengths to suit your needs


Annis 60 Hz AC Demagnetizers concentrate the demagnetizing field on the parts' surface with decreasing field strength with increased depth. Thin and low alloy / low hardness materials are more thoroughly demagnetized than solid and thick parts with high alloy / high hardness. When full cross section demagnetization is needed Low Frequency AC or Reversing DC is required - call us.

Annis Coil type Demagnetizers operate from a 60 Hz AC line. Custom aluminum housing is designed for surface / bench mounting and the "ribbed" outer surface enhances convective heat transfer. Annis demagnetizers have field strengths that range from 230 to 1,200 Gauss and are designed to operate in either continuous (C) or Intermittent (I) mode in dry environments. Units are available for operation in "non-dry" conditions. Intermittent types have a 25% duty cycle with a maximum "on" time of 5 minutes. Annis demagnetizers are currently used worldwide and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and field strengths to fit your needs.


rb annis demagnetizing coils

Round Demagnetizers
Rectangular Demagnetizers
Diameter Gauss Diameter Gauss
3.5" 242 - 590 2" x 5" 320 - 720
4.5" 590 - 1200 4" x 7" 300 - 860
6" 212 - 700 4" x 9.5" 350 - 700
10" 230 - 695 4.5" x 14" 210 - 420
    6" x 14" 240 - 650
    8" x 24" 275 - 550
    14" x 16" 165 - 450

Gauss Level depends on Intermittent or Continuous cycle and Input Voltage


  • Input Voltage: 120, 240, 480 VAC
  • Duty Cycle: Intermittent or Continuous
  • Drip Proof
  • Special Mounting
  • Custom Design


  • Choose the smallest coil that will accommodate your parts.
  • The strongest field is in the inside surface of the coil.
  • The magnetizing field must fully overcome the residual magnetism in your parts to be effective.
  • The part should be slowly fed through the demagnetizer and completely out of the magnetic field before it is removed or the coil shut-off.
  • Parts must be demagnetized in an East-West direction to minimize the effect of the Earth's field and in an area free of magnetic interference.

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