Maurer Degaussing Loop Demagnetizers - CT

Maurer Degaussing Loop Demagnetizers - CT

Maurer Degaussing Loop Demagnetizers - CT

loop demagnetizers

Reliable loop demagnetizers for industrial use are:

  • Sturdy, for shop floor use
  • Versatile
  • Particularly suitable for easily alloyed and oblong parts

CT series loop demagnetizers are durable devices based on proven technology. The magnetic parts are drawn slowly (0.15 m/s) through the coil opening. The parts are demagnetized by moving the item through the coil.

The bigger the coil, the greater the magnetic field limit. The material must completely pass outside this field.

These devices reliably demagnetize parts up to a thickness of 20mm. When short parts are demagnetized, the penetration depth of the field is less then 10mm. Hard magnetic materials are not demagnetized by these or similar AC coils.

loop demagnetizer coils

Description Part # Saved Price Add to
CT1 - 230VAC / 60Hz DE-MM-T-00400 Request Pricing
CT2 - 230VAC / 60Hz DE-MM-T-00410 Request Pricing
CT3 - 230VAC / 60Hz DE-MM-T-00420 Request Pricing
CT4 - 230VAC / 60Hz DE-MM-T-00430 Request Pricing
CT5 - 230VAC / 60Hz DE-MM-T-00440 Request Pricing
CT6 - 230VAC / 60Hz DE-MM-T-00450 Request Pricing
CT7 - 230VAC / 60Hz DE-MM-T-00460 Request Pricing
CT8 - 480VAC / 60Hz DE-MM-T-00470 Request Pricing