Western Instruments W-PT Pull Test Bar

Western Instruments W-PT Pull Test Bar

Individual, Stacked, or Pull Test Bars with Artificial Defects

Stackable Weight Test Bars

The Pull or Weight Test is the fastest way to verify the operation and specification compliance of MPI Yokes. Western’s W-PT is designed for ease of use with AC Yokes (10 Pounds or 4.6Kg) where just one bar is required, whereas DC Yokes are tested using several bars conveniently stacked and fastened together. Weight requirements of the stacked bars vary depending on the reference specification. Operators must be mindful of Pole Spacing with DC Yokes, virtually all specifications limit Pole Spacing to 6” (150mm) with a DC Yoke. W-PT’s are manufactured to weight 10.1 Pounds (4.7kg) thus physical damage from normal use does not mean recertification of the test bar is needed.

All W-PT’s have Serial Numbers, and are supplied with Certificates of Compliance.


W-PT-DB Test Bar with Artificial Defects

The W-PT-DB is identical to the Standard Stackable W-PT Pull Test Bar, however artificial defects have been introduced. The artificial defects are represented by a circle in the center of the bar and a transverse notch toward one end. The circle is produced by the press fit of a 3/8” (9.5mm) Diameter Plug into the hole in the center of the bar, thus the W-PT-DB is not stackable. The transverse notch is approximately 0.016” Wide x 0.032” Deep (0.41mm x 0.81mm), is Epoxy filled, and extends the width of the Bar The Notch is positioned 2 ½” (63.5mm) from the one end of the bar, to allow either indication to be used. The W-PT-DB is an excellent training and demonstration fixture, and ensures the 10 Pound Pull Test for AC Yokes.

Transverse Notch (left), Circle Defect (right)

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Western Instruments W-PT, 10 Pound Pull Test Bar (Traceable to NIST) MT-WI-W-PT Request Pricing
Western Instruments W-PT-4, Set of 4 Bars (c/w Fastener) MT-WI-W-PT-4 Request Pricing
Western Instruments W-PT-5, Set of 5 Bars (c/w Fastener) MT-WI-W-PT-5 Request Pricing
Western Instruments W-PT-DB, Pull Test Bar with Artificial Defects MT-WI-W-PT-DB Request Pricing