Hirst Digital Gaussmeters GM07 / GM08

Hirst Digital Gaussmeters GM07 / GM08

Durable, Portable & Easy to Use


Both the GM07 / GM08 Gaussmeters are handheld devices, easily transported to various locations in a factory environment. Each unit is controlled by a simple menu and is supplied with a thin semi-flexible Transverse Probe suitable for all but the very smallest of applications. The GM07 / GM08 incorporates an analog peak detector for AC and DC peak functions. Coupled with the microprocessor means that fast responses are possible with digital stability (fast pulse / no drop in readings). 



  • Computer Disk Drive Actuators
  • Loudspeaker Air Gaps
  • Electric Motor Air Gaps
  • Transformer Stray Field Measurements
  • Bending Magnets
  • Non-destructive Testing (Magnets)
  • Good Inward and Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Automated Magnet Calibration 


  • Portable, Battery Operated, Handheld Device
  • Fast responses with digital stability (fast pulse / no drop in readings)
  • Graphical LCD Display
  • Menu Driven
  • DC, AC Peak, Max, Hold and Store Functions
  • Operating Function and Unit Displayed
  • Analog Output - +/- 3 Volts Full Scale (GM08 only)
  • Thin Semi-Flexible Probe
  • Visible Measurement Point
  • Probe Polarity Indication
  • External Power Supply Connection Included - 5V/6V (100-500mA) (GM08 only)
  • USB & RS232 for data transfer to PC or laptop and remote control (GM08 only)
  • Windows Communications Software (GM08 only)
  • Multi Lingual

Measurement Parameters

The GM07 / GM08 can measure:

  • DC: DC Magnetic Field Measurement
  • DC Peak: Maximum Positive Peak Reading of the DC Field
  • AC RMS: True RMS (Root mean Square) of Input Signal
  • AC MAX RMS: Maximum True RMS (Root mean Square)
  • AC Peak: Maximum Positive Peak Reading of the AC Field

Measurement Units:

The GMO7/O8 can measure in Tesla, Amps/m, Gauss or Oersted. Saved readings can be automatically converted between measurement units.


The GMO7/O8 has a number of utility options allowing the operator to disable or select various times for the automatic POWER DOWN. Nulling routines may also be selected.

The GMO7/O8 also has the ability to operate its menu structure in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese.

Data captures

The GMO7/08 can HOLD measured values by pressing the Hall Probe button. Pressing the button again releases HOLD (when enabled).

The GMO7/O8 can also STORE up to 100 measurements. These values can later be RECALLED, either on the Gaussmeter or via USB/RS232 with
the GMO8.




The GMO8 features an interface to provide USB communication, RS232 remote control of the GMO8 and the uploading of measurements and data. The GMO7/O8 also incorporates a non volatile memory to enable the retention of stored values even when switched off and to retain instrument settings.

The GMO8 also includes a time keeping device to record the time data is stored and an external DC power supply socket f or bench top applications.


Windows communication software is supplied with the GMO8. This allows the user to download readings, stored data and control the instrument remotely via USB or RS232 interfaces. Data can be downloaded to Excel or open office spreadsheets, or to a CSV format file.

A full driver suite is available as an optional extra. This includes sample programs with full source code (Microsoft Visual C++.NET) for the 2000 operating system, XP and later. A simple DLL allows third party integration of the GMO8 into embedded systems. A Lab view VI is included. Linux is also supported.


The probe is fitted with a push button enabling the operator to HOLD and STORE measurements and orientate the probe for polarity readings.

All transverse and axial probes are fully interchangeable with Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd's GMO4, GMO5, VGMO1 , BGMO1, GMO7 & GMO8 gaussmeters.

Custom Axial and Transverse probes are also available.


The GMO7/08 is calibrated to standards traceable to the National Physical Laboratories (London UK).

During manufacture, the accuracy of nuclear magnetic resonance is used to determine the irregularities and non conformities of the GMO7/O8 and its Hall Probe. This is stored and used mathematically to automatically correct readings taken by the GMO7/O8.


GM07 & GM08 Specifications

Models GM07 & GM08
Range 1
Range 2
Range 3
Range 4
0.000 - ±3.000 Tesla (00.00 - ±30.00 kiloGauss)
000.0 - ±299.9 milliTesla (0.000 - ±2.999 kiloGauss)
00.00 - ±29.99 milliTesla (000.0 - ±299.9 kiloGauss)
00.00 - ±2.999 milliTesla (00.00 - ±29.99 kiloGauss)
Frequency Range DC and 15 Hz to 10kHz
Units Tesla, Gauss, Amps/m or Oersted
Functions DC, DC Peak, AC RMS, AC Peak, AC Max
DC Accuracy Better than ±1% Probe and Gaussmeter (NPL Traceable)
Reproducibility ±0.5%
Averaging Time Contact 100 milliseconds
Display Sampling Rate 3 readings per second
Display Dot Matrix Graphics LCD
Memory Type Non-Volatile
Temperature Coefficient Better than ±0.1 % of readings C including probe
Battery Type 4 AA cells, 1.5V Alkaline
Temperature Range

30°F - 125°F (0°C - 50°C)
70°F - 150°F (20°C - 70°C)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.9" x 3.5" x 1.6" (175 x 89 x 40mm)
Weight (not including probe) 15 oz. (430 g)


Standard GM07 Kit Includes:

  • GMO7 Gaussmeter
  • TP002 Thin Semi-Flexible Transverse Probe
  • Zero Flux Chamber
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case


GM08 Kit Includes:

  • All items included with GM07 Kit plus
  • USB Connector
  • PC Software



Additional Accessories

  • Axial Probe AP002
  • Other Standard and Custom Probes
  • Additional PC Software (GM08 only)
  • RS232 Communications Connector
  • Analog Adapter to all BNC Connections
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Hirst GM07 Gaussmeter, Transverse Probe TP002, Zero Gauss Chamber, instructions, one year warranty and calibration certificate included MT-HI-GM07 $1,095.00
Hirst GM08 Gaussmeter, Transverse Probe TP002, USB connection, Power connection, RS232 connection, Zero Gauss Chamber, instructions, one year warranty and calibration certificate included MT-HI-GM08 $1,375.00


Hirst Transverse Probe TP002 ready for connection to GM07 or GM08 MT-HI-TP002 $585.00
Hirst Axial Probe AP002 ready for connection to GM07 or GM08 MT-HI-AP002 $585.00
Hirst Brass coated Transverse probe TP002R MT-HI-TP002R $850.00
Hirst TP002HS High Sensitivity Transverse Probe, calibration certificate included MT-HI-TP002HS $810.00
Hirst AP002HS High Sensitivity Axial Probe, calibration certificate included MT-HI-AP002HS $585.00
Hirst TP002SP0.6 Transverse Probe, 0.6mm, calibration certificate included MT-HI-TP002SP0.6 $895.00
Hirst TP002SP25 Transverse Probe, 25mm Long, calibration certificate included MT-HI-TP002SP25 $855.00
Hirst TP002SP200 Transverse Probe, 200mm Long, calibration certificate included MT-HI-TP002SP200 $855.00
Hirst TP002SP250 Transverse Probe, 250mm Long, calibration certificate included MT-HI-TP002SP250 $855.00
Hirst TP006SP1000 Transverse Probe, 1000mm Long, calibration certificate included MT-HI-TP006SP1000 $985.00
Hirst Fluxgate Probe for highly sensitive measurements MT-HI-AFG100 $1,040.00


Hirst Zero Gauss Chamber - for Hall Probes only MT-HI-ZFC $200.00