PoleCam HD 1000 Cart Inspection System

PoleCam HD 1000 Cart Inspection System

Insertable Shaft and Bore Observation in an upgraded product offering


The PoleCam HD 1000 Cart Inspection System is a visual inspection system that combines an HD Color camera with ultraviolet (UV) and white light illumination mounted on a cart. Engineered to a 1-inch diameter, and with UV and White Light visual inspection capacities, this bore examination system is ideal for turbine components in the aviation/aerospace and power generation industries. 


  • Motorized or manually operated, modular HD (1980 x 1020p) Camera system
  • UV and White lighting meet or exceed requirements for fluorescent inspections
  • Toolless change of optical adapter for different viewing angle
  • FPI and MPI inspection system
  • Generous Vertical and Horizontal Camera Boom Ranges

Intuitive Motion Controls for Cart
  • Focus control to allow for exact, repeatable camera control
  • Horizontal/ Insertion Motorized/ Manual control with a 51 inch (129.54 cm) range
  • Vertical/ Elevation Motorized/ Manual control with 13 (33.02 cm) inch range
Camera System Control Panel 
  • Control focus; use of presets for all camera settings
  • Control shutter for exposure variation
  • Mirror/ flip images and video feeds
Illumination Control
  • Independent White and UV Illumination capability
  • Intensity controlled separately and can be simultaneous 
  • The white and UV illumination is uniform across the field of view with 365 nm peak UV intensity
High Quality Camera Package  
  • HD 1/6" CMOS 2MP image sensor housed in a robust pole with a choice of 5 optical adapters for different angles and magnifications
  • Capture color video & still images with resolutions of 1080/30P, 720/60P or VGA/120
  • Toolless quick change of optical adapters (5 adapters included with package)


Turbine Components in Aviation/ Aerospace and Power Generation Industries
  • Observations requiring UV and White Light for FPI and MPI testing methods
  • FPI and MPI of internal components of combustion and turbine systems
  • Dual Axis, location values to be used in a repeatable, standardized manner for multiple observations of various parts

Technical Specifications

PoleCam HD 1000 Cart Inspection System

PoleCam HD 1000 Inspection System
Camera Head Specifications
Image Sensor: 1/6" CMOS 2 Megapixel
Active Array (H x V) : 1920 x 1080
Image Area:
0.11 x 0.061 in (2.73 x 1.55 mm)
Output Format: 1080/30P, 720/60P, VGA/120
Output Type: DVI & USB (1080), DVI & USB (720), USB (VGA)
Operational Temperature & RH: 32 F - 140F (0 - 60C); 90% Non Condensing
Storage Temperature & RH:  -4 - 185F (-20 - 85C)
Weight: 0.11 oz (3g) (without cable)
Camera Cables
Temperature: PVC: -67 - 221 F (-55 to 105C); PFA: -85 - 410 (-65 - 210C)
Length: PVC: 49.21 ft (15m); PFA: 49.21 ft (15m)
Weight: PVC: 31 g/m; PFA: 24 g/m
Diameter: PVC: 0.16 in (4.1 mm); PFA: 0.15 in (3.7 mm)
Light Control: White and UV full range variable intensity; simultaneous and independent operation
Camera Control Unit
Power Supply (USB 3 C):  5V 1A
Operational Temperature & RH: 32 - 140 F (0 - 60 C); 90% Non Condensing
Storage Temperature & RH: -4 - 185 F(-20 to 85 C); Non Condensing
Size:  3.43 x 1.85 x 6.70 in (87 x 47 x 170 mm)
Weight:   13.05 oz (370 g)
Cart System
Boom Diameter:  1.0 in (2.54 cm)
Boom Length: 72 in (182.8 cm)
Insertion Length: 52 in (132.1 cm)
Elevation Range: 36-52 in (91 cm to 132 cm)
Elevation Control: Manual
Rotation Range: Fixed
Optical Adapters (Tips)

Optical Adapters (Tips)
Direction of View (Degrees): Lens  FoV at Distance Line Pairs at Distance Indication Capability at Distance
0°:  2.5 mm 65 x 37mm at 25mm 11 line pairs/mm at 25mm 0.068mm Indication at 25mm
45°:  7.1 mm 36 x 20mm at 50mm 11 line pairs/mm at 50mm 0.038mm Indication at 50mm
60°:  7.1 mm 36 x 20mm at 50mm 11 line pairs/mm at 50mm 0.040mm Indication at 50mm
90° Wide:  2.5 mm 80 x 41mm at 25mm 8 line pairs/mm at 25mm 0.068mm Indication at 25mm
90° Narrow:  7.1 mm 36 x 20mm at 50mm  11 line pairs/mm at 50mm 0.040mm Indication at 50mm

Kit Includes


  • Wheeled cart with storage drawer
  • Elevation/Insertion Assembly with PoleCam Clamp
  • Camera Control Unit
  • Pole system with imbedded CMOS video sensor and flexible umbilical
  • UV & White Light Sources
  • On-Screen Control/Display Unit (OSD)
  • Monitor mounted on a swing arm
  • Power Supplies
  • DVI Cable
  • Adapter Tips (5 total; 0°, 45°, 60°, 90° Narrow, 90° Wide) & Protective End Cap

Optional Accessories

PoleCam HD 1000 Slide Fixture
  • This device provides easy and repeatable inspection methods for the PoleCam. 
  • Ideal for repeatable and reliable part insertion of bore internals > 1 inch diameter
  • Available in 12", 20", 28", and 50" lengths

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