CIS Coupling Inspection System

CIS Coupling Inspection System

360º Vertical Inspection of Cylindrical Parts


The CIS Coupling Inspection System is a cart-based remote visual inspection (RVI) system designed to inspect aviation couplers and other medium size parts. It combines a high-resolution camera, ultraviolet (UV) and white light illumination, and sophisticated fixtures and mechanics to achieve repeatable and efficient inspections using fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) and magnetic particle inspection (MPI) testing methods.


  • Motorized or manually operated, modular HD (1980 x 1020p) Camera system
  • Independent UV and White Illumination for FPI and MPI system inspection
  • Rotational Fixture for 360º inspection of cylindrical parts
  • Meets the requirements for PWA107540 System, Inspection (FPI) – Video Imaging
  • Generous Vertical and Horizontal Camera Boom Ranges

Intuitive Motion Controls for Cart
  • Focus control to allow for exact, repeatable camera control
  • Vertical Range Adjustment of Camera Boom via motor control and hex key for finite adjustment with travel of 500mm 
  • Horizontal Range Adjustment of Camera Boom via motor control and manual handle with travel of 270mm 
Coupler Mounts 
  • These mounts ensure the observed components are stable and allow the bottom fixture to catch excess liquid penetrants to control messy inspections
  • Included mounts are for Mitsubishi Regional Jet, British Aerospace, and Airbus New Engine Option
Rotation Fixture
  • Rotational Fixture for 360º inspection of cylindrical parts
  • Affixed pan to catch excess liquid penetrants to control messy inspections 
Illumination Control
  • Independent White and UV Illumination capability
  • Intensity controlled separately and can be simultaneous 
  • The white and UV illumination is uniform across the field of view 
High Quality Optical Adapters  
  • HD 1/6" CMOS 2MP image sensor 
  • Capture color video & still images with resolutions of 1080/30P, 720/60P or VGA/120
  • Toolless quick change of optical adapters (5 adapters included with package)


Aviation Coupling Inspection
  • Use the 360º inspection functionality for cylindrical parts
  • Remotely focus the Camera system for the highest quality observations in MPI and FPI methods
  • Carry out repeatable inspections for multiple parts of the same class and line with the CIS Coupling Systems precision mechanics

Technical Specifications

CIS Coupling Inspection System

CIS Coupling Inspection System
Camera Specifications
Image Sensor: 1/6" CMOS 2 Megapixel
Video Format: DVI
1980H x 1020V effective pixels
Shutter: Automatic
Operation Temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C-40°C)
Illumination System
UV Transmission:  6.5 meter x 5.5 mm (OD) liquid light guide
White Light Transmission: 6.5 meter x 4 mm (OD) light guide
UV Light Output Peak: 365 nm
UV Intensity: UV intensity > 2000 µW/cm2 at 76 mm (3.0”) from the target
Light Control: White and UV full range variable intensity; simultaneous and independent operation
Camera Head Features
Dimensions:  1" (25.4mm) Diameter
Focus: Motorized, remote control
Viewing Direction:  0º, 45º, 60º & 90º wide & narrow
Optical Adapter Specifications
Forward (0º):  64ºx36º 
Forward & Aft (60º): 21ºx11.9º
Forward & Aft (90º): 64ºx36º
Mechanical Specifications
Forward (0°): 51° x 39° (FOV)
(45º): 26° x 19° (FOV)
(60º):  26° x 19°  (FOV)
(90º) wide: 51° x 39° (FOV)
(90º) narrow: 26° x 19° (FOV)
Mechanical Specifications:
Axis of movement: X-axis (insertion), Y-axis (elevation), and Part Rotation
Insertion Range (X-axis):  8.15 in (207 mm)
Elevation Range (Y-axis): 22.53 in (580 mm)
Part Rotation: 100lb (45.36kg) Maximum Weight, 1-11 RMP variable
Encoding: X-axis, Y-axis 
Encoding Resolution: ± 0.1 cm
Cart (Height): Stainless Steel 34 in (86.36)
Model: Sony LMD-B170
Controller Power: 110VAC & 220VAC 

Kit Includes

  • CIS Coupling Inspection System
  • SeeUV Coupler Assembly
  • Necessary Power Cords and Video Cables
  • LSX24 White Light Source
  • SUV-DC-E UV Light Source
  • Sony LCD Monitor
  • Control Unit
  • Rotating Part Fixture (includes Part Mount, Indexer, Positioner Motor and Foot switch)

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