Lumatec UV Light Source

Lumatec UV Light Source

Compact, Powerful & Quiet

This dual UV and white light source delivers the perfect contrasts needed for all industrial borescopic applications. Compact, quiet, very powerful and engineered to achieve excellent results, the UV Light Source is the first choice for FPI (fluorescent penetrant inspection). This instrument’s high-quality filters provide pure UV light without any white so even the smallest inclusions and flaws are clearly visible. Switching from white light to UV and back is very easy using the front-panel button or footswitch. A UV-Lightguide, (sold separately) is required which will easily connect to any Hawkeye Borescope.

Note: Click on the links to see the Borescopes and Videoscopes that can be used with the UV Light Source. - Hawkeye VideoscopesHawkeye Rigid Borescopes and Hawkeye Flexible Borescopes.


  • Conveniently footswitchable
  • Fast changeover between spectra
  • Glare-free transition from UV to white light
  • Twice the longevity of conventional lamps
  • Suitable for Olympus and LUMATEC-D sockets
  • Button on the light guide optionally available for manual switching
Product Relative Intensity Power Source Run Time (Continuous) Expected
Lamp Life
Weight Replacement Lamp Model # Replacement Battery Model #
UV Light Source N/A 110-240VAC
50/60 Hz
Indefinite 1500-2000 hrs. 16.5 lbs.

Liquid Light Guide Cable

Connects Lumatec UV Light Source to Hawkeye Borescopes. The high quality, 6′ long Liquid Light Guide can be used with any Hawkeye or Hawkeye Blue borescope and the UV Light Sources is used for fluorescence inspection in the aeronautics, aerospace and automotive industries as part of a non-destructive testing (NDT) regiment.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Hawkeye Gradient Lumatec UV Light Source RV-HG-UV-LIGHTSOURCE $7,900.00
Hawkeye Gradient Liquid Light Guide - Connects the Lumatec UV Light Source to Hawkeye Borescopes RV-HG-UV-LIGHTGUIDE $700.00