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Hawkeye Videoscopes

Hawkeye Videoscopes

Videoscopes are available in a growing number of models, diameters and lengths. They are popular due to their native ability to record still and motion images which makes them ideal inspection and reporting devices.


  1. Hawkeye V3 HD Video Borescopes

    HD quality photos & video, Wi-Fi remote viewing and more!

  2. Hawkeye V2 Video Borescopes

    Excellent image quality, at half the cost of comparable videoscopes!

  3. Hawkeye Classic Flex Video Borescopes

    Lost Cost, Delivering High Quality and Portability

  4. Luxxor Video Systems

    Connect any Hawkeye Borescope to a Luxxor Video System!

  5. Luxxor Portable Camera

    Luxxor Portable Camera - Connects to ANY Hawkeye Rigid or Flexible Borescope