Western Instruments WC-8 DC Yoke

Western Instruments WC-8 DC Yoke

Western Instruments WC-8 Battery Powered DC Yoke

The Western Instruments WC-8 Compact 12 Volt Pulsed DC Magnetic Yoke is compact with Urethane Rubber housing providing superior durability in rugged environments. It uses a standard low profile sealed membrane activation switch for operator safety, as the switch has a grounding provision and conducts less than a 1/2 watt of power. The WC-8 has more height between the operator's hand and the work piece, allowing for faster inspections due to a larger view of the target area, giving it a 100% duty cycle.

The ergonomically designed grip reduces operator fatigue and strain which permits longer and more thorough inspections. The compact design allows the WC-8 to fit into tight spaces, better than full size models and combined with our Universal Articulation Pole Pieces, the WC-8 can be fit to almost any configuration of work piece. The Power Cord Strain Relief System is the most durable in the industry, but on the WC-8 the Strain Relief can be directed up or down, permitting even better access to confined spaces or simply just for operator preference.

The WC-8 has a special module that converts 12 Volts DC into a pulsed signal, that allows the unit to lift over 50 lbs to comply with DC specifications, but the pulsed DC field induces particle mobility similar to an AC Yoke. The WC-8 draws less than 1/2 an Amp, so a 3.0 Amp/Hour Battery Pack will last you a full day. Western Instruments offers Battery Packs in 3.0, 7.0 and 12 Amp hour ratings (nominal) and all 3 can be charged with our High Capacity Smart Charger (1.5 Amps).


  • Premium, Compact AC/DC Yoke (Variable DC)
  • Compact, Light Weight, Comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Grounded Solid State Switch
  • Sealed Switch Cover
  • Rugged Strain Relief
  • Combination of 3 Batteries
  • Optional UL/CSA Approval
  • AC or DC Inspection Fields


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Weld Inspection
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Piping
  • Fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance



Voltage: 12 Volts DC
Chargers (for Gel Cells): 115 or 230 Volts
Current: 0.5 Amps
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Cord Length: 2' Coil, extends to 6'
Lift: 50 Pounds minimum (23 kg)
Capacity: 0" to 11" (280mm)
Finish: Red Urethane Rubber
Weight: 6.5 Pounds (3 kg)

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WC-8 Compact 12V Battery Powered DC Yoke comes with battery, charger and hard shell case with certications. MT-WI-WC8 $635.00