viZaar VUCAM Portable Videoscope Range

viZaar VUCAM Portable Videoscope Range

viZaar VUCAM
Portable Videoscope Range


The latest generation of the Ultimate Portable Videoscope Inspection Systems

The VUCAM is available in 2 ranges:

  • VUCAM XO/XO+ 6mm Exchangeable Tip Videoscope
  • VUCAM AM/AM+ 4mm Fixed Tip Videoscope


The VUCAM product range has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible in every position with these key features:

  • Carbon fiber body (for maximum protection and minimum weight)
  • Integrated Mounting Hook
  • Integrated Mounting Thread (for use with magic arm, tripod, etc..)
  • Integrated LED Light Source ensuring leading levels in light, optimum light temperature and maximum lifetime.
  • Tilting Main Screen
  • Quick Access Buttons (for "hot" functions)
  • Flip (vertical and horizontal)
  • Screen Rotate (allows the device to be fully functional when inverted)

View More with the VUCAM

vucam-video-over-LAN Video Over LAN
If you need a second opinion on your inspection or require the inspection to be remotely monitored, the VUCAM is equipped with Video Over LAN functionality. This enables you to connect the VUCAM to a network via an ethernet cable and stream the video to either a broadcast (multiple viewers) or unicast (single viewer only).
vucam-video-out-function Video Out Function
If you need to use the VUCAM in a fixed environment, you may wish to improve the ergonomics by using a secondary monitor. The VUCAM is equipped with an analog Video-OUT connection to allow you to connect to a monitor of your choice.
vucam-push-to-ftp PUSH to FTP
Using the ethernet connection, you can also use PUSH to FTP to automatically store any images or videos captured during the inspection to a destination of your choice. This allows for instant remote viewing of all captured data without interfering with the inspection process.
vucam-audio-narration Audio Narration
The VUCAM now provides the ability for the user to record an audio narration over the inspection which is included within the video file.
vuxam-pre-triggered-recording Pre-Triggered Recording
Pre-Trigger recording is a key feature as it ensures that you can capture EVERYTHING that you need to inspect. Every time you press record to begin capturing a video, the VUCAM also includes as standard the previous 30 seconds of inspection. This Pre-Trigger is also adjustable from 0 to 30 seconds via the integrated menu.

Easy to Use

The VACUM range is fully loaded with a wide range of features and functions. All of these features are integrated into a simple, intuitive and easy to use touchscreen based user interface.

To add more operational capabilty, on the "XO" models, changeable tips are also included. This enables the videoscope to alter the direction of view (DOV) to side view (90°) and even the field of view (FOV) from 45° to 120°.


Flexible Viewing

Full Screen Mode
The VUCAM offers the user the choice to view the image with an information bar (default) or by simply tapping the screen, view the image in the full screen.
vucam-digital-zoom Digital Zoom
If you need to see anything in greater detail the VUCAM is equipped with a digital zoom function. Simply tap the touchscreen to zoom the image in stages by factors of 1.6, 2.0 and 3.0.
FLIP (horizontal, vertical and both)
The VACUM is equipped with several image manipulation features to enhance and simplify your inspection. The FLIP feature can be used to invert the image across either a horizontal or vertical axis or both. This serves to enhance orientation and ergonomics during an inspection.


Full Screen Rotation

Full screen rotation differs from FLIP in that it rotates the entire screen and re-orientates the touch screen overlap. This allows the VUCAM to have full functionality even if it is fully inverted.


Momentum Demands Movement

One of the defining inspection requirements is movement, or more precisely, articulation. The VUCAM product range features full 4-way articulation of up to 160° in all directions. It is also designed to be as robust as possible and is recognized as one of the most durable systems on the market. Most importantly, the articulation is smooth, proportional, precise and simpe to use via the control wheels. vucam-momentum
vucam-momentum The real key feature of the VUCAM product range articulation is the fact that the direct connection, manual articulation system offers "feel". No artifical system is employed and any resistance felt on the wheels is proportionally representative of the forces at the very tip of the videoscope. The benefit of this is that you are less likely to cause damage to the inspection area, or worse, get you videoscope stuck in the very object you are inspecting.

Field Replaceable, Air Transportable
Spare standard batteries can be purchased for all quick and simple in-field changes to take place. The batteries are LifePo which are safe to transport by air. This ensures that you can use your VUCAM product for as long as you want, whenever and wherever you want.


A place for Everything
Each VACUM product is supplied with a custom-built case with laser cut storage compartments. This ensures that you can move your product around safely during shipping and transport, perform inventory quickly and easily and ensures that you have everything you need for your application all in one place.


Additional batteries and external smart battery charger One set included with standard scope of delivery. Additional batteries and battery charger optional available.
Optional tip adapter 0° forward optic: 100° wide angle
90° side view optic: 100° wide angle
90° side view optic: 45° far focus
Neck strap / wrist strap Wrist strap included (neck strap optional)
Transport and storage case Dimensions: 20.27" x 15.55" x 7.48 (515 x 395 x 190 mm)
Weight (empty): 7.27 lbs. (3.3 kg)
Transport and storage case for VUCAM XO inspection system
SD Card SD card 8 GB includes (FAT formated)
Up to 32 GB (optional)
Power Supply Included 100 - 240V
Warranty One year, optional 2 year system warranty and life-time warranty on the light source


To see specifications for the VUCAM XO / XO+, click on the link - XO / XO+ Specifications

To see specifications for the VUCAM AM / AM+, click on the link - AM / AM+ Specifications

Product Literature

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VUCAM AM / AM+ 4mm Fixed Tip Videoscope RV-VIZ-AM-AM+ Request Pricing
VUCAM XO / XO+ 6mm Exchangeable Tip Videoscope RV-VIZ-XO-XO+ Request Pricing