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Sonotron instruments combine phased array, single and multi-channel conventional UT, and TOFD with 100% raw data recording and imaging with portability, lightweight, and battery operation. Suitable for all kinds of every-day ultrasonic inspections. Phased Array is performed by powerful 32:32 or 64:64 phased array electronics with independently adjustable emitting and receiving apertures. Each channel is equipped with it’s own A/D converter. Parallel firing, A/D conversion, and ”on-the-fly” digital phasing are provided for every possible composition and size of the emitting and receiving aperture.


  1. Sonotron Isonic 2010

    Smarter Instruments

  2. Sonotron True to Geometry Display

    Sonotron True to Geometry Display

  3. Sonotron NDT Intro

    Sonotron NDT Intro