OKOndt UDS2-77 Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detector

OKOndt UDS2-77 Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detector


The UDS2-77 ultrasonic single rail flaw detector is a handpush cart intended for the inspection of one rail line. The product is manufactured in nine modifications and can employ either a Slide Search Unit or Roller Search Unit, and contains from 3 to 13 UT probes. The UDS2-77 rail flaw detector employs a unique scanning scheme that allows testing of an entire rail section (except for the rail base) using pulse echo, echo-shadow and echo-image techniques. Both mechanics (the cart) and electronics (the software) of the UDS2-77 are ergonomically designed, have a user-friendly intuitive interface, as well as they are resistant to severe weather conditions that may occur during operation on a railroad.


Key Features

  • Shows test results in the form of A-Scans, multi-A-Scans, B-Scans for all channels
  • Real-time display in the form of a B-Scan
  • Data recording and saving (operator's name, line, direction, track number, left/right position, initial track coordinate, date, time, final track coordinate, etc..)
  • Screenshot saving (PrintScreen)
  • Saves test results in the form of data array (B-Scan) to the internal memory
  • Use of USB flash drive for transmitting test results to a PC
  • Availability of measuring gates in A-Scan & B-Scan modes
  • Post viewing of test results on the flaw detector with the possibility to measure conditional sizes of defects
  • Possibility to put the track markers (e.g. Bridge, Crossing, Bolt Hole, etc..)



Handcart Design

  • Weighs 35 lbs. (16 kg) 
  • Modular design
  • The position of the electronic unit can be adjusted along 3 axes
  • The probe unit (slide or roller) is positioned cross-wise to the rail with the aid of a dedicated control device
  • The probe unit can be centered using the adaptive roller
  • The suspension mechanism of the probe unit ensures a stable coupling if the cart is tilted for up to 15°

Probes Types

The UDS2-77 flaw detector employs contact probe units of conventional type with both standard and specialized probes. The probe units are made from wear resistant plastic material, with hard-metal inserts on the working surface.


Slide Probe Units

Probe Unit No. 1:

  • 0° Probe  - 4 MHz
  • 70° Probe - 2.5 MHz (Forward)
  • 4x58°x34° Probe - 2.5 MHz

Probe Unit No. 2:

  • 4x58°x34° Probe - 2.5 MHz
  • 70° Probe - 2.5 MHz (Forward)
  • 2x45° Probe - 2.5 MHz (Forward / Backward)
  1. One 4 MHz probe, 0° refracted angle is intended for inspection of the entire rail section by height in the web projection, for the presence of internal defects and laminations. This probe enables two testing techniques: pulse echo and echo-shadow.
  2. Two 2.5 MHz probes, 70° refracted angle of (one of them emits along, and another — across the trolley movement) are intended for inspection of the central part of the rail head, for the presence of mature transverse defects.
  3. Two 2.5 MHz probes, 45° refracted angle (one of them emits along, and another — across the trolley movement) are intended for inspection of the entire rail section in the web projection, for the presence of internal defects, as well as for inspection of bolt holes for the presence of star-type defects.
  4. Eight 2.5 MHz probes, 58° refracted angle that are turned by 34° in relation to the rail axis. The probes are placed in two cases, with 4 piezoelectric-crystal plates each. These probes enable pulse echo and echo-image techniques and are intended for flaw detection across the entire rail head.

Technical Specifications

UDS2-77 Technical Specifications

  • UT techniques: Pulse Echo (echo image) and Echo Shadow
  • Number of ultrasonic channels for 100% scanning: 13
  • Nominal test frequency: 1 to 6 MHz
  • Distance between probe pulse sending: 1 mm at motion speed up to 5 km/h
  • Variation range of receiving path gain: 0 to 100 dB, with a step of 1 dB
  • Memory capacity for data storage: not less than 8 GB
  • Weight of the flaw detector without battery and couplant: up to 16 kg
  • The flaw detector is powered by an independent power source (battery) with the rated voltage from 10.8 to 14.6 V and rated capacity of no less than 18 А·h
  • Time of operating mode setup: up to 15 sec.
  • Time of continuous operation with a fully charged battery: no less than 8 hrs.
  • Protection rating: IP 64
  • The following alarms are generated during flaw detection: light – separate for every rail and common (via all test channels); sound – separate for every rail and common (for a group of channels); visual, on the screen – separate for every rail and every channel.
  • GPS system is used to determine defect location coordinates on the track.





UDS2-77 Kit Includes

  • Trolley 
  • System of couplant supply to probe units
    • tanks, tubes, distributors
  • Electronic unit
  • Multichannel unit (MUX)
  • Power switching unit
  • Probe unit
  • Battery pack
  • Charger
  • Manual probes (TSD4-20, TAB2-45-14x14, TAB2-70-14x14)
  • Connecting cables from multichannel unit to probes (BNC-2xBNC, BNC-2x238)
  • Calibration block
  • Tools and accessories
  • Spare parts
  • USB flash drive
  • Software
  • Carrying case for transportation and storage
  • Manual
  • Case bag
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