Echo Ultrasonics Econogel / Econogel ER Couplant

Echo Ultrasonics Econogel / Econogel ER Couplant

Economical, Ambient Temperature Couplant

ECONOgel, Most Economical Ambient Temperature Couplant

ECONOgel Extended Range (ER), Most Economical, extended range ambient temperature couplant

The ECONOgel & ECONOgel ER ranges have been discontinued. Their replacement is Echo Ultrasonics SoniX. For more information, click on the link - SoniX.

The most economical water soluble NDT Ultrasonic Couplants with low freezing points, slow evaporation rates and high operating ranges. Compatible with most metals, plastics and composites, with good ferrous corrosion inhibition.

Product Description Product Specification

ECONOgel and ECONOgel ER's reduced surface tension provides fast wetting.

ECONOgel and ECONOgel ER are glycerin and silicone free.

ECONOgel and ECONOgel ER have good ferrous corrosion inhibition and are compatible with most metals, plastics and composites.

ECONOgel and ECONOgel ER are completely salt stable. They will not thin with corrosion salts, marine environments or highway infrastructure subjected to de-icing salts.

Environmentally and operator friendly - no formaldehydes, nitrates or nitrites.

Medium Viscosity

pH: 8 nominal at 20°C

Halogens and Sulfar: less than 50 ppm

Acoustic Properties:
VL = 1.55 mm / µ sec.
Z = 1.60mRayls

Operating Temperature:
ECONOgel: 26°F to 120°F (-3.3°C to 48°C)ECONOgel ER: 0°F to 220° (-18°C to 104°C)

Conforms to ASTM D808-11, ASTM D129-13, and ASTM D512-12.


7 gallon (US) / 26.5 liter pail with lid and pour spout

55 gallon (US) / 208 liter drum


Removal: Wash with water or wipe with a paper or cloth rag before the couplant dries. If the couplant has already dried, pressure wash or use a brush and running water.

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