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Dakota Ultrasonics MVX A/B Scope

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  • Dakota MVX
Dakota MVX
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Dakota MVX

Compare the MVX to the DMS2tm and the 37DLtm and you will find that you can get all the features you need in an easier to use, more compact and affordable package.

Digital Display: For basic applications just set the display mode to DIGITS

A-Scan: Allows you to see the return signals, which help verify that the correct echo is being measured and avoid false thin measurements, that may be caused by laminated or dirty steel.

B-Scan: Draws a picture of the back surface, instantly recognizes: pitting, erosion and laminations.

Through-Coating: Echo-Echo Mode allows correct measurements on painted and coated materials.

Data-Logging: Stores up to 15,000 measurements, together with A-Scans and B-Scans in multiple files that can be dumped to a PC and exported to an EXCELtm file if desired.

"The MVX finishes the line of MX gauges with class. This thing is loaded with all of the features of the MX gauges and a lot more. Four selectable display options: RF, Rectified, B-Scan and Large Digits. The CMX also has an internal data logger that stores a total of 12,000 readings and waveforms, 64 user custom definable setups, selectable transducer table for improved linearity, thru paint mode with the single press of a button, multiple calibration and material selection options and auto waveform find – just to mention a few! Equipped with a single element flaw prove-up mode for basic angle beam inspections. This is all nicely packaged in a very mini portable aluminum extrusion for extra durability and portability! The MVXview java-based PC software makes this thing a complete kit, and then some!"


  • Weight: 13.5 ounces (with batteries).
  • Size: 2.5 W x 6.5 H x 1.24 D inches (63.5 W x 165 H x 31.5 D mm).
  • Operating Temperature: -14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C).
  • Keyboard: Membrane switch with twelve tactile keys.
  • Case: Extruded aluminum body with nickel-plated aluminum end caps (gasket sealed).
  • Data Output: Bi-directional RS232 serial port. Windows® PC interface software.
  • Display: 1/8 in. VGA grayscale display (240 x 160 pixels). Viewable area 2.4 x 1.8 in. (62 x 45.7mm). EL backlit (on/off/auto).


  • Measurement Modes
    • Pulse-Echo: flaws and pits
    • Echo-Echo: thru-paint
  • Pulser: Square wave pulser with adjustable pulse width (spike, thin, wide).
  • Receiver: Manual or AGC gain control with 40dB range, depending on mode selected.
  • Timing: 20 MHz with ultra low power
  • 8 bit digitizer


  • Three 1.5V alkaline or 1.2V NiCad AA cells.
  • Typically operates for 150 hours on alkaline and 100 hours on NiCad (charger not included).
  • Auto power off if idle for 5 min.
  • Battery status icon



  • Range: 
    • Pulse-Echo Mode: (Pit&Flaw Detection) Measures from 0.025 9.999 inches (0.63 to 254 millimeters).
    • Echo-Echo Mode: (Thru Paint & Coatings) Measures from 0.1 to 4.0 inches (2.54 to 102 millimeters). Range will vary +/- depending on the thickness of coating.
  • Resolution: +/- .001 inches (0.01 mm)
  • Velocity Range: .0492 to .3936 in./ms 1250 to 9999 meters/sec
  • Single and Two point calibration options or a selection of basic material types.
  • Units: English & Metric


  • Display Views
    • A-Scan: Rectified +/- flaw view 
    • RF: Full waveform view
    • B-Scan: Cross sectional view.
  • Display speed of 15 secs per screen.
  • Large Digits Standard thickness view. Digit Height: 0.400 in (10mm).
  • Scan Bar 6 readings per second. Viewable in B-Scan and Large Digit views.
  • Repeatability Bar Graph Bar graph indicates stability of reading.


  • 12,000 pages of memory (alpha numeric storage).
  • Page contents: 1 reading and 1 waveform per page.
  • OBSTRUCT to indicate inaccessible locations.
  • Memory: 16 megabit non-volatile ram.


  • Transducer Types: Dual Element (1 to 10 MHz).
  • Locking quick disconnect “00” LEMO connectors.
  • Standard 4 foot cable.
  • Custom transducers and cable lengths available for special applications.


  • Setups: 64 custom user-definable setups.
  • Factory setups can also be edited by the user.
  • Gates: Single gate in pulse-echo mode or single gate with holdoff in echo-echo mode. Adjustable threshold.
  • Selectable Transducers: Selectable transducer types with built-in dual path error correction for improved linearity.
  • Alarm Mode: Set high and low tolerances with audible beeper and visual LEDs.
  • Fast-Scan Mode: Takes 32 readings per second and displays the minimum reading found when the transducer is removed.
  • Flaw Mode: Basic Prove-up flaw detection option, using single element angle beam transducers.


  • Factory Calibration: traceable to national standards.


  • 2 year limited


All Kits include Unit, Standard Transducer, Couplant, Manual, Plastic Carrying Case and AA Batteries.

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Part #
Product Name Part # Price Qty
MVX Kit Includes: Couplant, Manual, Plastic Carrying Case, and AA Batteries; Hi-Damped Probe 5 MHz x .25" T-102-2700. 2 year warranty plus PC Software, Transfer Software and Calibration Certificate. UT-DU-Z-149-0001 $2,625.00
Nylon Carrying Bag with Neck Strap (for A-Scan/B-Scan Instruments) UT-DU-F-149-0001 $75.00