Sonotech Sono 600 BF/Fluid/Gel - 4oz.

Sonotech Sono 600 BF/Fluid/Gel - 4oz.

High Temperature Couplant

SONO 600

Sono 600 is a biodegradable formula that provides extended temperature and non-drying coupling for thickness gaging, acoustic emission testing and flaw inspection in petrochemical, power generating,aerospace, food processing machinery, pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage equipment.

SONO 600 Gel Features:

  • Excellent corrosion inhibition on all metals
  • Very slow drying, allows for long-term coupling without reapplication
  • Economical alternative to silicone based couplants
  • Non-toxic, Biodegradable formula suitable for food processing equipment inspection
  • Certified for Halogens and Sulfur less than 150 ppm
  • Available as either a Fluid (F) or a Gel (G)
  • Does not contain water, glycerin, solvents, petroleum products, perfluorocarbons or fluorinated material, which can cause adverse health effects at high temperatures.
  • Remove excess couplant from transducers and other surfaces by wiping with disposable rags or paper towels, being careful to protect skin from hot surfaces. Do not use solvent bases cleaners on hot surfaces!
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor for ferrous metals with a relative effectiveness rating of 100 and is compatible with most composites and metals.

    Minimum Order Size: QTY 6 4oz. Tubes

    Technical Specifications


    500,000 cps


    1.50 ± .05 mm/µsec

    Acoustic Impedance

    1.35 - 1.40 MRayls

    Temperature Range

    Thickness Gauging: 0º to 700ºF, -18° - 371°C

    Flaw Detection: 50º to 500°F, 10° - 260°C

    Water soluble


    Halogens (as Chlorides)

    < 150 ppm


    < 150 ppm

    Flash Point

    439° F, 226°C

    Auto Ignition Temperature

    788°F, 420°C

    Low melting
    point metals

    minimal to none


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    Sonotech Sono 600 BF/Fluid/Gel - 4oz. (minimum 6) UT-SO-45-T04 $42.17
    Sono 600 1 gal / 3.78 L Cubitainer UT-SO-45-901 $296.00