T.S.I. PortaMag MP-6000/6000S

T.S.I. PortaMag MP-6000/6000S

Super Pulse Series - Portable Magnetic Particle Testers

The NEW Pulse Modulated mode has the following advantages over Standard mode operation:

Provides full effect magnetizing AND demagnetizing output current fields that exceed MIL and industrial performance requirements.

Provides very active movement of wet and dry particles for enhanced flaw definition, especially when using the coil method, which adds a physical vibration into the part.

Reduces average input line power by 70%, reducing energy costs and heat build up.

Output current may be left ON for over an hour. Pulse mode is set for instruments duty cycle.

Super Pulse, only "S" Models provide rated output current levels into extended output cable lengths.

General Features Include:

- Pulse or normal mode operation

- Automatic Demag cycle

- All electronic control

- Recessed Panel meter and controls

- Forced air cooling

- Either End output cable connectors

- Non-Metal chassis runners

- Heavy duty parts and chassis

- Powder coat gloss finish

- No cable change for AC to DC output

- Easy line voltage conversion on all except MP-900 models

- Remote control

- AC and DC meter calibration adjustments

- International line voltage operation available

- Meter available in Analog or Digital output Amps

- Patents Pending on Pulse Mode

Required Accessories:

4/0 output cables with Either End connectors

Remote control cable assembly

Input line power cable plug

Super Pulse models provide the option of operating in either Standard or NEW Pulse Modulated mode.

Description Part # Saved Price Add to
AC/HWDC MT-TSI-226002D Request Pricing
DUAL OUTPUT AC/HWDC MT-TSI-226202D Request Pricing
TRIPLE OUTPUT AC/HWDC MT-TSI-226302D Request Pricing