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Spectronics Optimax 365

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Spectronics Optimax 365
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OPTIMAX™ 365 UV-A LED Inspection Flashlight 

Powerful, rechargeable high-intensity UV-A inspection flashlight featuring
state-of-the-art ultra-hi-flux LED technology!

The cordless OPTIMAX™ 365 is ergonomic, compact and lightweight. It’s designed to provide ultimate freedom of movement during inspections. With an ultra high-intensity up to 50,000µW/cm2 @ 6", it’s our most powerful true UV-A (365 nm) LED flashlight.


  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Quality Control
  • Fluorescent Leak Detection
  • Industrial Inspection
  • UV-A Curing
  • Photoactivation and UV-A Dosing
  • Rare Document / Stamp / Artwork Examinations

 Ultra high-intensity up to 50,000µW/cm2 @ 6" of true UV-A (365 nm).

Instant-on Operation: Push the button and the lamp immediately reaches full power and is ready to use, eliminating down time waiting for bulbs to warm up.

Portable & Rugged: Cordless! Use it anywhere!  Stands up to heavy use in the field, shop or laboratory. Anodized lamp body minimizes corrosion.

Rechargeable: Powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery. Provides 90 minutes of continuous inspection between charges (AC and DC chargers included).

Long Life: 30,000-hour LED bulb. Electronic Intensity Stabilizer ensures consistent performance. Beam strength will not fade between charges!

Versatile: Meets MIL and ASTM specs for FPI and MPI.



  • Nominal steady state UV-A intensity of 18,000 µW/cm2 @15" (38 cm)
  • 30,000 hour LED service life
  • Low visible light emission - less than 2 foot candles (22 Lux) @ 15" †
  • Electronic Intensity Stabilizer assures consistent performance. Beam strength will not weaken between charges!
  • Instant on function. Lamp reaches full intensity immediately!
  • Ergonomic, portable and rugged. Anodized aluminum lamp body minimizes corrosion and stands up to years of heavy use.
  • Powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery. Provides 90 minutes of continuous inspection between charges.
  • Meets ASTM UV-A intensity specifications for FPI and MPI

†Current LEDs have extremely high UV and produce concentrated beams. This can often lead to higher visible light readings due to naturally fluorescing materials that may be present on, or part of meter sensors. The optional 
BF-365 black light filter deflects some of this UV intensity, which serves to limit the effects of these naturally fluorescing materials. In addition, the BF-365 also ensures that the lamp's output is in the UV range only.


Note: All Kits include UV Lamp, Instructions, Carrying Case, and UV Goggles

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OPX-365 Includes: Cordless, Rechargeable Flashlight with Rubber Lamp Protector, Smart AC Charger, Smart 12DC Charger, Belt Holder, UV-absorbing Spectacles and Small Carrying Case UV-SP-OPX-365 $827.00