Sonotech Sono 1100

Sonotech Sono 1100

High Temperature Couplant

SONO 1100

SONO 1100 is expected to be discontinued in the near future. Its replacement will be Echo775. For more information on this product, click on the link - Echo 700 Series.

Sono 1100 provides coupling for high temperature thickness gauging and flaw inspection. SONO 1100 will maintain acoustic coupling at high temperatures beyond 15 seconds to give ample time for obtaining good thickness readings. In most cases, the signal strength actually increases with time, to the point of thermal decomposition.

Note: For best results, allow a few seconds of "melt time" before taking reading. Signal attenuation may occur if used at lower than recommended temperatures.

SONO 1100 Features:

  • Provides an extended time window for longer inspections or to optimize thickness readings at high temperatures
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating formula provides inspector safety
  • Highest temperature rating
  • Less smoke
  • Medium viscosity paste
  • NO Perfluorocarbons


Minimum Order Size: QTY 6 4oz. Tubes

Technical Specifications
Thickness Gaging *
(Less than 15 Second Contact)
700° to 775° F
371° to 413° C
Smoke Point
(Dense Plume)
850° F
454° C
Auto-Ignition Temperature

862°F, 235°C

Viscosity** >3,000,000 cps
Water soluble NO
Humectant NO

* A couplant's upper temperature range for short duration thickness gaging is higher than when used for flaw detection. When testing on vertical or overhead surfaces, a thicker grade of couplant is likely to stay in place, but thinner grade generally performs better on flat surfaces. No Sonotech couplants contain perfluorocarbons; thus "polymer fume fever" is not an operator hazard. Hot couplants can cause burns; therefore, gloves and goggles are recommended when working with hot surfaces.

** Viscosity equivalents: 4,000k = thick paste, 550k = stiff gel, 150k = pourable gel, 20k = thick liquid

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