Solid State Systems S-5000 Series MPI Machines

Solid State Systems S-5000 Series MPI Machines

Multi-Directional MPI Machines

S-5000 series "3-D" Multi-Mode Magnetic Particle Inspection System for production and piece part testing

solid state systems s5000 series

The S-5000 "3-D" is the most flexible and adaptable mag. unit available

  • "3-D" mode for one-shot detection of flaws in ALL directions
  • Standard mode for conventional testing using Head-Shot and Coil modes

All current types are provided for maximum flexibility and can be used in ANY combination

  • FWDC - Full Wave DC
  • HWDC - Half Wave DC
  • AC - Alternating Current

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All functions are fully switchable by the operator from the front panel. Three individual current control knobs are provided for fine tuning and superior controllability.

Demagnetization is accomplished by selecting either AC ramp-down or reversing DC.

The "3-D" system utilizes all solid state control and switching technology. Standard magnetization time for all three directions is less than 200 milliseconds, controlling a three-phase power train.

The "3-D" system meets the requirements of MIL-STD-1949A.

Why is it Important?

The Solid State Systems "3-D" M.P.I. test system, increases test reliability, improves defect detection and reduces labor cost dramatically. Multiple step magnetizations are routinely reduced from eight or ten steps down to one or two. Man hours can be decreased approximately by 80%.

The shot duration time starts at a phenomenal 0.18 seconds.

The "3-D" MPI system is presently being used and/or approved by:

  • United Technologies/Hamilton Standard
  • Boeing/McDonald Douglas Aircraft Co.
  • Allied-Signal Aerospace Co.
  • Naval Ordnance.
  • Eaton Corp.
  • GE Aerospace
  • Lucas Aerospace


  • Tank: V-Bottom 15 to 20 Gallon Capacity. (304 Stainless Steel).
  • Circulation: Wide Clearance Type Impeller Pump.
  • Fluid Application: Hand Held Hose.
  • Grilles: Hardwood. HEADSTOCK: Air Operated, Foot-switch Activated.
  • Hood: (Optional) Flameproof Curtain Enclosure, Folding Type.
  • Modular Electronics, Solid State Logic Controls, and Secondary Switching.
  • Input Voltage: 240/480, 50/60 cy. 3 phase.
  • Line Amp Draw: 300/150.
  • Hertz: 50/60 (No switching required).
  • Rectification: Silicon Rectifiers.
  • Current Control: Infinitely Variable. (Three Turn Pots).
  • Magnetic Timer: .2 seconds (200 milliseconds). - DEMAG. TIMER; 3 Seconds AC or Rev. DC.
  • Thermal Protection: Auto Reset. METER READOUT: Digital-LED Display (Holding).
  • Voltage Conversion: "Safeguard" One Step. Voltage: 240/480 Volts


solid state systems - s5000 series solid state systems s5000 series

Solid State Systems 3-D Multi-Directional MPI Machines are available with:

Coils: 12.5", 16.5", 20.5", 30.5", 36.5" diameter*
Head Opening: 32", 49", 66", 90", 133"
FWDC (3 Phase): 4,000, 6,000, 10,000 amps
AC (1 Phase): 4,000, 6,000, 10,000 amps
AC Demag (decaying): Standard
DC Demag (reversing): Standard

*Compact 60 has a 20.5" maximum Coil Diameter
**2-D machines are also offered (testing uncomplicated parts under 40" may not require a coil).

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