Solid State Systems Pancake (Flat) Coil

Solid State Systems Pancake (Flat) Coil

Archimedes Coil

Solid State Systems Pancake (flat spiral) Coil, otherwise known as Archimedes Coil

These recently introduced coils, make the inspection of disc shaped parts, such as brake and clutch discs, quick and easy.

Flat coils are available in 10", 15", 20" and 25" diameters (larger diameters on special order).


Clamp the coil between the head and tailstock of your wet horizontal tester. Lay your test piece on the flat coil and test. Flip the part over and apply a second shot.

* widely used in Europe and specified by such companies as Bendix and Rolls Royce

Description Part # Saved Price Add to
Flat Coil, 10" Diameter MT-SS-A-FC-0010 $2,495.00
Flat Coil, 15" Diameter MT-SS-A-FC-0015 $3,742.00
Flat Coil, 20" Diameter MT-SS-A-FC-0020 $4,990.00
Flat Coil, 25" Diameter MT-SS-A-FC-0025 $6,237.00