Solid State Systems MAX-MAG 3D

Solid State Systems MAX-MAG 3D

S-5065-E MULTI-MODE Mag Unit

Solid State Systems S-5065-E


Multi-Mode Wet Horizontal Magnetic Particle Tester


  • 10,000 Amps
  • AC, HWDC or DC
  • Conventional 2-D and 3-D testing modes
  • 40 feet long, 34 foot maximum part length and expandable
  • 36.5” I.D. 5-Turn Coil
  • Two 36” x 30” Field Flow Fixtures mounted on Head and Tailstock
  • AC and Reversing DC Demagnetization
  • Heavy duty rails
  • 3 HP Powered tube rotator
  • Two 20 foot tanks, each with 2 pumps and agitation systems and 4 Fluid application hoses and nozzles
  • Swivel Control Console and remote control

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