Solid State System Mag RetroFit Kit

Solid State System Mag RetroFit Kit

Solid State System - Mag RetroFit Kit

Code Compliant 6,000 Amp Full Wave DC Power Supply- 3 Phase

Do you have an old Magnaflux ANQ or ARQ* needing replacement? Maybe not.

If your machine is in good or repairable physical condition, we can provide you with a new modern power supply, that will bring your old machine back to life at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Here's the facts:

  • The Power Controller unit will replace your old selenium rectifiers, copper oxide, diode stacks, auto transformers and the step-switches.
  • Continuously variable output
  • Three buss bars for the three phase input and a plus and minus buss bar for the outputs
  • Three LED's on the input to monitor incoming voltage
  • LED's on the output, indicate that the secondary voltage is present.
  • Three red modules and one green module
    • The Reds are the firing modules
    • The Green has built in timing, as well as three lights to determine the primary of the transformer and that of the secondary phasing.
    • Future servicing is a simple module replacement
  • This unit is capable of 240 or 480 input voltage.
  • Included in the kit is a Control Potentiometer and a Time adjustment with min/max control on the motherboard

Options Available: Digital Meter and retro plate. 4/0 cable kit for ANQ, 4/0 cable kit for ARQ.

* Kits for other makes and models can also be provided

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