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Repairs & Calibrations

Radiatronics NDT, Inc. is our Factory Authorized Service Center for:

  • Krautkramer-Branson
  • Hocking NDT Instruments
  • Thickness Gauges
  • Flaw Detectors
  • Hardness Testers
  • Eddy Current Units
  • UV/White Light Meters
  • Magnetic Yokes & Accessories

We offer repair, calibration and reconditioning of your instruments. Our factory trained technicians have over twenty years of experience. We offer a 48-hour turn around on most work, and we guarantee our work. You can trust us to get the job done right.

Service Department Contact and Shipping Information:

Service Manager:

Tony Jackowski

E-Mail: info@radiatronics.com

Phone: (800) 635-9108

Fax: (913) 432-0320

Shipping Address:

Radiatronics NDT, Inc.

Attn: Service Dept.

7952 Nieman Road

Lenexa, KS 66214 USA

Tony Jackowski is our Service Manager. He has over twenty years experience calibrating and repairing ultrasonic, eddy current and other NDT instruments from all major manufacturers. Before joining Radiatronics, Tony was Service Manager for Krautkramer-Branson. Tony has attended Krautkramer’s service schools for all of the instruments our customers use. He believes in keeping your instrument in good running order for as many years as possible. In fact, many of the Krautkramer instruments we sold in the early 70’s are still being used today due to the care Tony and our customers give them.

Our goal is to provide quality service. If you want cheap service, you can find it in lots of places. But, if you are looking for quality service, you will find it here. We don’t just fix the “problem”, we clean your instrument thoroughly, inside and out. We repair cracks in your instrument’s case, replace broken knobs, handles, etc.

ll instruments are calibrated to the manufacturer’s specifications and certified to be in compliance with both the manufacturer’s specifications and applicable codes. Our test blocks, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, etc., are kept in calibration to N.I.S.T. Our service organization has been audited by many ISO 9000 companies, nuclear power plants, etc., and has never been “gigged” for anything.


If you can’t afford to purchase a new instrument, why not let us recondition your old instrument for a fraction of the price of a new one. Before you scrap your old instrument, talk to us about reconditioning, it may be worth it. If not, its components and accessories may be worth something to us.