ICM SiteX CP200D

ICM SiteX CP200D

ICM SiteX CP200D

New Generation of Portable Constant Potential X-Ray Units


Best Ever Design

The SiteX CP200D has been designed to revolutionize the handling and the performance of portable x-ray sets.

Despite cutting the weight by one half of the typical 200 kV X-Ray tubes, the SiteX CP200D contains:

  • Shutter
  • Laser Pointer
  • Beryllium and aluminum filters
  • 2 Integrated diaphragms (customized sizes available on request).

Key Features:

  • 12 kg tube head
  • Ø140 x 715 mm length
  • 0.8 mm Be window
  • 900 W anode dissipation
  • 10 to 200 kV range
  • 1 to 10 mA range
  • 1 kV and 0.1 mA steps
  • 100% duty cycle at 30°C
  • Forced air cooled
  • Gas insulated
  • V-Shaped hand rings
  • Laser Pointer
  • Shutter & diaphragms
  • 7.9 kg Control Unit
  • 90 to 264 VAC Mains
  • 6A to 200 VAC


While the SiteX CP200D weighs only 26.4 lbs. (12 kg), it is still extremely powerful and is capable of penetrating 1.7" (42 mm) of steel in just 10 minutes!

ICM's un-paralleled air cooling system combined with the CP output means a 100% duty cycle at 86°F (30°C) ambient temperature.

The CP200D can be operated worldwide, accepting input from 90 to 264 VAC! It also works efficiently with portable generators and even 12 and 24 Volt car batteries (with an appropriate extra converter), thanks to its very low current train.

Finally, its low power consumption will ensure that your inspections are more environmentally friendly.


There's More...

The SiteX CP200D comes equipped with a number of intuitive yet exclusive user-friendly functions that you can benefit from every day.

  • Exposure time computing software can be fed with your own exposure charts, ensuring improved accuracy, specific applications and any type of materials.
  • The "Powerbox" control unit detects the positioning of the carrousel in order to avoid shooting though the shutter by mistake.
  • V-shaped hand rings
  • constant power mode
  • radial or axial socket position
  • custom-length interconnecting cables (up to 100 m)
  • Low voltage DC fan with variable speed


Technical Specifications Units CP200D
Output kilovolt range: kV 10 to 200
Tube milliamps range: mA 1 to 10
Maximum anode power dissipation: Watt 900
Tube current at 200 kV: mA 4.5
Tube current and kilovolt stability: % <0.5%
Duty cycle at 30°C ambient temperature (*): % 100
Steel penetration at maximum kV and power (**): mm Fe 42
Total weight (excluding hand rings): kg 12
Overall dimensions (excluding hand rings) mm Ø140 x 715
Leakage dose at 1 m at full output: mSv/h 2.0
Dimensions of optical focal spot: mm 3.0 (-1.5 IEC 336)
Maximum useful angle of X-ray directional beam: (') 60 x 40 elliptical
Tube inherent filtration: mm (Be) 0.8
Weather protection: " IP65
Working temperature range: °C -30 to 60
Storage temperature range: °C -40 to 70
Standard length of interconnecting cable (extendable): m 20
Maximum interconnecting cables extension - 20 m in length: m 100 (5 x 20m)
Connectors & sockets systems MIL-DTL 26482 Series 1 " Cadmium plated Aluminum
Constant power mode: " yes
Axial or radial positions switchable socket: " yes
Built-in fail-safe 'X-ray energized' warning red flashing light: " yes
On board real-time clock ensuring a full automatic warm-up: " yes
Built-in carrousel featuring two diaphragms, shutter and laser pointer: 8 mm Pb shutter, laser pointer, 0.8 mm Be filter
3 mm Aluminum filter, 10 x 48 cm diaphragm

The SiteX CP200D works in conjuction with the "Powerbox" 7.9 kg control unit (see specific documentation)

icm-cp200d icm-cp200d





  • Audible / flashing light warning system
  • Tripod - 26 - 76" (65 - 190 cm)
  • Stormcase™, transport case (w/o Tripod)
  • 67' (20m) extension interconnecting cable
  • 12V or 24V car battery / 220 VAC converter


  • CE certified to EMC and LVD
  • NFC74 - 100 Bureau Veritas LCIE
  • PTB approved
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 / 2008


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