Kowotest Kowospot X Pin Hole Camera

Kowotest Kowospot X Pin Hole Camera

Digital Pin Hole Camera According to ASTM E1165-20 and EN 12543 – 2



The Kowospot X is a fully digital, stand-alone pin hole camera that can quickly measure focal spot sizes. This new digital version of the Kowospot Camera consists of the the analogue version with a Digital Detector Array (DDA) and a complete, easy to use software package.



  • Measures (ASTM E1165-20 or EN12543-2) within a few seconds
  • Complete kit supplied, only a PC with Windows is required
  • Can store images and results as .tif and .cvs files. Repeated measurements are stored in the same .cvs file for focal spot evaluation over the lifetime of the X-Ray tube 
  • DDA can perform about 6000 focal spot measurements and can be easily replaced
  • High Resolution and Efficiency with a 20µm pixel size and special scintillator
  • Included software provides Easy to use evaluation and auto exposure function (no expert required)
  • Modular design - fits focal spots from 100µm up to >4mm (FS 0 to FS 17); may be extended to smaller focal spots with restrictions in precision due to pin hole size

Software Features

  • Automatic calibration of detector when plugged in
  • Automatic evaluation of exposure time (1s-16s)
  • Image integration for high SNR
  • Automatic calculation of system pixel size
  • Free style tube descriptor and Serial Number
  • Scatter reduction with improved background subtraction
  • Results are stored in images and sheet
  • Already captured images can be re-evaluated
  • Image size (Zoom) and gray value scaling adjustable

Technical Specifications

Digital Detector Array (DDA) Specifications

  • 20µm pixel (32µm SRb detector) with structured scintillator
  • CMOS sensor protected with fiber glass shielding
  • Active area 1500 x 1000 pixel
  • USB connection - may be extended to 6.5m

Model Part Number
ASTM E1165 – > 2.0 mm, EN – > 2.0 mm, magnification 1:1 – pinhole 100 µm 11 01021
ASTM E1165 – 0.8 … 2.0 mm, EN – 1.0…2.0 mm, magnification 3:1 – pinhole 100 µm 11 01023
ASTM E1165 – 0.3 … 0.8 mm, EN – 0.3…1.0 mm, magnification 3:1 – pinhole 30 µm 11 01025
ASTM E1165 – 0.05 … 0.3 mm, EN – 0.1…0.3 mm, magnification 3:1 – pinhole 10 µm 11 01027
ASTM E1165 – 0.05 … 0.3 mm, EN – 0.1… 0.3 mm, magnification 4:1 – pinhole 10 µm 11 01028

Kit Includes

Kowospot X Kit Includes

  • Kowospot X Detector Element with Digital Detector Array (DDA)
  • Profile Elements
  • Pinhole Element with Pinhole
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Kowospot Software on USB Flash Drive

Purchasing Considerations

  • A tube adapter is required for proper fitting to X-ray tube. Please specify make and model of x-ray tube when submitting a quote request.

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