Met-L-Chek (Cee-Bee) #300LF Aqueous, Gel Cleaner

Met-L-Chek (Cee-Bee) #300LF Aqueous, Gel Cleaner

Met-L-Chek (Cee-Bee) #300LF Aqueous Gel Cleaner

#300LF is a low foam immersion and spray application cleaner for use on most metals and plastics. In immersion applications it is used at a concentration of 10-25%.

The most rapid cleaning is achieved at temperatures between 120-140'F (49-60'C) with agitation.

In spray applications the concentration range is 5-15%, and < 5% for steam cleaning. #300LF is non-flammable and the surfactants are biodegradable. The use of this material in ultrasonic cleaners greatly improves the efficiency of this method.

It is approved to P&W SPMC 181, and SPOP 209; RR # 1/24R; Boeing BAC 5763 type II & 5749; Douglas CSD-1; BF Goodrich, ARP 1755B and GE 70-21-22 & 70-21-24.

Manufactured by Cee-Bee for Met-L-Chek.

Met-L-Chek #20101 Liquid pH Adjuster

Over time the pH of the cleaner will drop and will need to be raised using Met-L-Chek #20101 liquid pH adjuster for the #300LF cleaner. The pH adjuster is used at the rate of 3.0 fluid ounces of Met-L-Chek #20101 Liquid pH adjuster per 100 gallons of 300LF solution (0.02% by volume) for a pH increase of 0.1.

It is a clear, colorless liquid and contains no heavy metals.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Met-L-Chek #300LF, 1 Gallon PT-MC-M-300LF-01 $35.00
Met-L-Chek #300LF, 5 Gallon PT-MC-M-300LF-05 $162.00
Met-L-Chek #300LF, 55 Gallon PT-MC-M-300LF-55 $930.00
Met-L-Chek #20101 liquid pH adjuster for 300LF, 1 gallon PT-MC-M-20101-01 $36.00
Met-L-Chek #20101 liquid adjuster for 300LF, 5 gallon PT-MC-M-20101-05 $113.00