Pacific Imaging Solution Security Inspection

Pacific Imaging Solution Security Inspection

Pacific Imaging Solution
Security Inspection


Pacific Imaging's EzDR Portable Digital X-ray Security Solution is designed for dismounted operations and is the lightest DR system available. This rugged imaging kit is MIL-STD-810G compliant & allows for quick access to any item of interest. EzDR Security Solution comes complete with built-in battery and internal wireless communication. EzDR comes with Air Pi Control Box allowing for wireless communication up to 200m easily. The rugged pelican case allows for easy transportation with minimal effort. EzDR Security Solution excels in environments where wireless communication is acceptable. The entire system consists of only a flat panel detector, rugged PC / tablet, Pi Software, Pi Air Control Box, Pi Dual Energy Module, Pacific rugged carrying case and a Pulse or Constant potential source. Pictures below show images acquired using Pacific Imaging Software and Digital Detector using High Energy X-ray.

Pi Software with its "SINGLE CLICK" process makes acquiring images very easy. When you launch the software, detector & X-ray are auto-connected. Just press "READY" & an image is acquired within a few seconds & wirelessly transferred onto a tablet (or laptop) for immediate review and analysis.




Pacific Imaging Security Solution Includes:

  • Pacific DR Panel
    (Available in 14"x17", 17"x17" & 10"x12" options)
  • Ruggedized Laptop and / or Tablet
  • Pi Software
    (For image acquisition, storage and transfer)
  • X-ray Source
    (Determined depending on scope of project)
  • Accessories
    (Includes but not limited to dongle, USB WiFi converter, Pelican case, etc..)
  • DR Protective Armor
  • DR Mount (Heavy Duty)
  • SECURITY Processing Algorithms
    (Includes dual energy, pseudocolor, etc..)
  • Air Pi Control Box
    (Wireless communication from 200m)

Security - Where to Use
National Security Guard
Counter Surveillance
Border Control Force
Fire Investigation
VIP Protection
Postal Services
Police Force

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