OKOndt EddyCon C

OKOndt EddyCon C

Portable Eddy Current Flaw Detector

OKOndt EddyCon C
Portable Eddy Current Flaw Detector

eddycon c

Intended for:

  • Detection of surface cracks
  • Finding of cracks in fastener holes in simple and multi-layered structures using manual or rotary bolt holes probes.
  • Measurement of conductivity and coating thickness
  • Eddy Current testing of aircraft parts in accordance with requirements and regulations of Airbus A318 / A319 / A320 / A321, Nondestructive Testing Manual NTM and Boeing 737 Nondestructive Testing Manual.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy-to-operate due to user-friendly intuitive interface
  • 4.3" high contrast TFT color display, 800 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Alarm system: 4 three-color LED lights and audible alarm
  • Dual frequency operating mode
  • Simplified calibration of the instrument
  • Quick measurement of signal / noise ratio
  • Saves over 1,000 settings and test results
  • Data communication to PC via USB flash drive or Ethernet
  • Software for viewing test results and printing test reports
  • Application-dependent software for real-time data displaying on a PC
  • Software upgrade via USB
  • Evaluation of length and depth of flaws
  • Review saved defectograms on LCD dispay
  • Compatible with probes and rotary scanners of various makes and types
  • Quick-release Li-Ion battery for continuous 7-hour operation
  • Optional temperature sensor and remote balance button
  • Lightweight - 2 lbs. (09 kg)
  • Conforms to ISO 15548

night mode image
Night Mode
(for intensely illuminated rooms to improve the display legibility)
day mode image
Day Mode
(for dark rooms with poor lighting)

4.3" TFT color display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution ensures high definition images on the screen. The screen has several modes such as light, dark and standard.

The easy to read keypad design gives you quick access to any menu on the EddyCon C by pressing a single key.

  • Testing Menu - standard operating modenavigation keypad
  • Memory Menu - used to save / download the settings
    and test results
  • Settings Menu - basic settings of the EddyCon C
  • View Menu - allows viewing of the test results saved
    to memory
  • Calibration Menu - serves to create calibration curves
    for more precise evaluation of flaw depth

Different Modes of full-screen presentation






Specialized software is used for processing test results as well as generating and printing test reports.


  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Easy viewing of test results for each frequency mode (1, 2, & Mix)
  • Generation and storage of test results
  • Data output for each detected flaw
    • Flaw location coordinates on a defectogram (if using an encoder)
    • Signal amplitude
    • Flaw depth

Eddy Current Signal Representation

  • Complex plane - Enables the user to distinguish defects against noise by analyzing the signal shape
  • Mixing-up the 2 channels - Hels suppress the disturbances and reduce the effect on test results. For combining, an operator can select one of 4 algorithms: summation, subtraction, summation with horizontal inversion, and summation with vertical inversions.

complex plane
a) Complex plane

  • Possibility to move the center of the
    complex plane to any visible part of the screen
    • Top left
    • Top center
    • Top right
    • Center left
    • Center
    • Center right

mix two channels
b) Mix two channels

  • Bottom left
  • Bottom center
  • Bottom right
  • Manual positioning on the center of the complex plane into any screen sector

EddyCon C Kit Includes:

  • Unit
  • Eddy Current Probe
  • Connection Cable Lemo 16 - Lemo 04 (connector type 0B, Reflection type)
  • Charger
  • Calibration Block (Carbon Steel)
  • Software for operation with PC
  • Manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Registration Certificate for calibration block and for ECP
  • Case
  • Bag
eddycon c kit

Additional Accessories:

  • Connecting Cables
  • Rotary Scanner
  • Replaceable Battery Pack
  • Adapter for Battery Pack

additional accessories with kit


Overall Dimensions 9.5" x 4.4" x 5.3" (241 x 112 x 135 mm)
Weight 2 lbs. (0.9 kg)
Standards ISO 15548, CE
Power 100V to 240V, 50/60 Hz
Inputs & Outputs 2.0 USB-port (hub), Ethernet (Lemo 4-way), headphones (Lemo 4-way)
Keypad American, International Icons
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature -4° to 122°F (-20°to 50°C)
Storing Temperature -4° to 122°F (-20°to 50°C)
IP Rating IP64
Type Li-Ion 12V / 4500 mAh
Operating Time Normal mode - up to 7hrs., if using rotary scanner - 4 to 5 hrs.
Size 4.3"
Type Color TFT (800x480 pixels)
Display Modes Normal, full-screen, three color schemes
Grid Three types: coarse, fine, polar
Connectivity and data storage
PC Software Test results processing program
Data Storage MicroSD 4 Gb internal memory card (up to 64 Gb optional)
Eddy Current Specifications
Frequency Range 10 Hz to 16 MHz
Gain 70dB; Additional Gain: 30 dB
Probe Voltage 0.5V; 1V; 2V; 4V; 6V
Phase Rotation 0 to 359.9
Digital Scale 1/16 to 16 with 6dB step
Test Frequency 1 to 11 kHz
Signal Indication Time 0.1s, 0.3s, 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 8s
Low-pass: 1 to 5000 Hz; High-pass: 1 to 5000 Hz
Filter Bandpass, Averaging, Differential
Probes Single, Reflection, Bridge
Connectors Lemo 00, Lemo 12-way / Lemo 16-way
Signal Display Modes Complex Plane - X(y); Time Base - X(t), Y(t)
Dual-frequency mode
Threshold Level Types Circle, Threshold, Sector, Trapezium
Dual-frequency multiplexing
Multi-Frequency Operation Independent control of both frequencies
Mix of 2 frequencies (F1-F2, F1+F2)

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OKOndt EddyCon C Kit Includes: Unit, Probe, Lemo 16 - Lemo 04 Cable (connector type 0B, Reflection type), Calibration Block (Carbon Steel), Software, Manual, Quick start guide, Registration Certificate for Calibration Block and ECP, Case & Bag EC-OKO-EDDYCONC $5,595.00